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Canadian OSB exports headed higher last year

26.02.2018 − 

Canada exported much more OSB in the second half of the year after a rather subdued first six months of 2017. Data from Statistics Canada indicate that exports had leapt 18.1% to 1.598m m³ in the fourth quarter, the highest growth rate all year. However, their value had improved just 10.1% to CAD496.7m. Exports had leapt 14.9% in a year-on-year comparison to 1.563m m³ in the third quarter, while their value increased 12.6% to CAD509.2m. Statistics Canada had reported only a small 3.4% upturn in shipments to 1.364m m³ for the first quarter, followed by a 1.8% decrease to 1.381m m³ in the second quarter.

Shipments to the US also rose 18.1% to 1.463m m³ in the fourth quarter. The US had taken delivery of 1.280m m³ in the first quarter, 1.314m m³ in the second quarter and 1.448m m³ in the third quarter. Exports to Japan were 20.8% higher at 61,958 m³ in the fourth quarter. Shipments to China and Vietnam both rose by about half to 32,546 m³ and 19,007 m³ respectively. On the other hand, South Korea sourced only two-thirds of the previous year’s sum with 11,036 m³.

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