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Canada: OSB exports have doubled since 2013

29.03.2019 − 

In 2018 Canadian OSB exports increased even more significantly than in previous years. According to Statistics Canada, a volume of 7.654m m³ was exported. This corresponds to an increase of 29%. The export value only rose by 13% to Can$2.252bn, however, which reflects the price decreases on the North American OSB markets in the second half of 2018. The significant increase in volume means the upward trend in Canadian exports further intensified; the export value virtually doubled compared to 2013. At that time the Canadian OSB industry had exported 3.892m m³. In 2014 the exported volume amounted to 4.403m m³ (+13%). For 2015 a volume of 4.790m m³ (+9%) was recorded and for 2016 5.438m m³ (+14%). In 2017 the export volume had increased by 9%.

The majority of Canadian OSB exports are delivered to the USA. In 2018 deliveries to the USA, at an increase of 32% to 7.269m m³, improved at a slightly more significant rate than total exports. The export value rose by almost 14% to Can$2.122bn. In 2015 the USA had imported 4.479m m³ OSB from Canada, and 5.061m m³ in 2016.

Japan, at a volume of 191,960m³ - which is virtually the same as the preceding year - maintained its position as the second largest export market for Canadian OSB. The export value nevertheless rose by 14% to €66.9m. In 2015 a volume of 159,653m³ was exported to Japan, and 180,304m³ in 2016.

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