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Boise Cascade: Positive sales trend at EWP continues

07.08.2018 − 

The Wood Products business unit of Boise Cascade in the United States increased its sales by 21% to US$425.5m in the second quarter compared to the prior-year period. The significant increase was mainly attributable to higher average sales prices for plywood (+26%), LVL (+10%) and I-joists (+12%).

While deliveries of plywood at 368.9m sqft (basis 3/8'') were at the previous year's level, sales of LVL and I-Joists also increased by 3% to 4.8m ft³ and by 5% to 68.1m ft, respectively. Growth rates for the first half of the year were almost identical to those of fiscal 2017, when sales of LVL and I-Joists increased by 6 % and 4 %, respectively.

The division's EBITDA increased by 82% to US$55.9m in the second quarter, resulting in an increase in the calculated margin from 8.8% to 13.1%. The operating result more than doubled to US$ 36.5 million. According to Boise Cascade, higher purchase prices for roundwood and the OSB used in the production of I-joists could be more than compensated by better average selling prices.

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