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Another rise in urea prices putting pressure on adhesive and impregnating resin makers

22.09.2011 − 

Urea prices climbed again in the past few weeks after briefly stabilising or dipping slightly in July. Underlying prices in the Yuzhny supply region bounced back to more than U$S$500/t FOB in the first half of September, with prices just shy of this mark still in the Baltic region. This upswing is being boosted by the current weakness of the euro. Prices free of all charges in Central Europe have risen to an average of €380-390/t as a result. This latest increase is being ascribed to the worsening supply situation over the past few weeks. Sources in the resin business said that a few Central European urea suppliers were unable to run their production plants at full capacity at present. Producers seem to be scaling back their output of industrial grades, in particular.

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