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Another growth in US H1 hardwood plywood imports

28.08.2017 − 

US hardwood plywood imports leapt to 788,315 m³ in the second quarter after soaring in the first quarter (+24%). The growth rate had thus weakened to 4% from April to June.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) reported that the biggest supplier was still China with a 49% share. However, statistics show that this country delivered 9% less than in the same stretch last year with 387,816 m³. Indonesia raised its hardwood plywood shipments to the US by 12% to 77,664 m³, while Russia sent 8% more or 102,978 m³ to this country. Hardwood plywood imports from the EU surged (+60% to 46,155 m³), primarily on the back of skyrocketing imports from Finland to 16,198 m³.

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