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10% increase in Steico’s insulation output

29.07.2021 − 

Steico increased its total output of insulation material by 10.2% in its business year 2020 to 352,160 t. The other three product groups failed to match last year’s figures, however. The company says the sharp reduction of 22.7% in I-joist production to 9.366m m is attributable to the corona-related weakening in the UK and Australia as the main sales markets. This also led to a reduction of 18.0% in fibreboard, used mainly as a material for the web, to 23,511 t. The output of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) fell by 2.7% to 130,562 m³.

All subdivisions contributed to the growth in the output of insulation material. 172,921 t of rigid insulation board were produced on the total of seven wet-process systems, exceeding last year’s figure by 2.9%. Production on the two dry-process-systems for rigid insulation boards increased 22.6% to 86,947 t. Flexible insulation mats and blow-in wood-fibre cavity insulation material was also produced on four other dry-process systems. Combined with the blow-in cellulose cavity insulation material produced on two separate systems, the production volume amounted to 83,632 t, which equates to an increase of 14.1%. Production of other insulation materials increase 22.4% to 8,660 t.

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