EPF Annual Report provides 330-page market overview

The European Panel Federation (EPF) released its Annual Report 2020/2021 at a virtual annual general assembly on 10 June. Running at around 330 pages, it has a similar length to last year’s edition. These two annual reports are roughly 10% longer than in prior years when the annual general meeting was held as an in-person event. The event took place in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2018 and in Dunblane, Scotland in 2019. AGMs planned together with the German Wood-Based Panel Industry Federation (VHI) in 2020 and 2021 both had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. Looking ahead to 2022, the EPF is planning to hold an in-person event again with an AGM, gala dinner and presentations.

Published for the 22nd time since the June 1998 merger of the European Federation of Associations of Particleboard Industry (Fesyp) and Euro MDF-Board (EMB) the EPF Annual Report has eight chapters, as it does every year. After providing a big-picture overview of the trends in production, consumption and foreign trade statistics, the report outlines the situation in 27 member countries and in 15 other countries in different parts of the world. Overviews of developments in buyer sectors and four special topics round out the EPF Annual Report.
The Annual Report 2020/2021 can be ordered as a printed copy and a USB stick for €1,950 (excluding VAT); the last two reports for 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 are available for a combined price of €2,050. Orders can be placed via the EPF’s website or by emailing info@europanels.org.

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