Wood-based panels

Roseburg planning to acquire MDF mill in El Dorado

17.01.2019 − US-American Roseburg Forest Products intends to expand its foothold in the MDF business by making a third acquisition. » more


Raute significantly increase sales and earnings in 2018

16.01.2019 − According to the preliminary figures available to date, the Finnish machinery and plant manufacturer Raute generated sales of €181m in the 2018 financial year. » more

LP: Haughie becomes successor of interim CFO Kinney

15.01.2019 − The US OSB manufacturer Louisiana-Pacific has appointed Alan Haughie as Executive Vice President and CFO. » more

Brazil: Double-digit increase in Elliotis Pine exports

15.01.2019 − Despite a somewhat weaker development in the second half of the year, Brazilian exports of Elliotis Pine plywood again showed double-digit growth last year. » more

Swiss Krono Group has concretized OSB projects

14.01.2019 − In December, Swiss Krono Group made two investment decisions for the expansion of OSB capacities, which has been planned for some time now. » more

A good one third of the plywood quota has expired

14.01.2019 − The quota for duty-free imports of plywood into the EU has been reduced by a good third with the first notification of the EU Commission's Directorate-General for Taxation and and Customs Union. » more

Great Britain has imported more chipboard and OSB

11.01.2019 − There were even greater shifts in British wood-based panel imports in the third quarter. » more

Braun appointed site manager at Swiss Krono Menznau

09.01.2019 − The Swiss Krono Group has appointed Roger Braun, COO and member of the management board of Swiss Krono AG since 2015, as the new site manager at the particleboard and MDF/HDF plant in Menznau/Switzerland.» more

Egger has written off goodwill for Concordia plant

08.01.2019 − In the first half of the 2018/2019 financial year, the Egger completely wrote off the goodwill of € 53.4m reported for Egger Argentina S.A.U., which has been consolidated since the end of September 2017. » more

Double-digit increase in Russian birch plywood exports

07.01.2019 − In the third quarter of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports again showed double-digit year-on-year growth; by contrast, deliveries in the second quarter failed to materialise. » more

Egger further expanded sales in all divisions

07.01.2019 − The Egger Group increased its consolidated group turnover in the first half of the 2018/2019 financial year by 8.2 % to € 1.432 bn compared with the same period last year.» more

Garnica Group boosts capacity at Llodio mill by a quarter

04.01.2019 − Spanish Grupo Garnica Plywood has raised manufacturing capacity at a radiata pine plywood mill in Llodio that it acquired in April 2018 by roughly 25%. » more

Berneck orders first plants for MDF project in Lages

21.12.2018 − Berneck has placed an order with the Siempelkamp Group for the forming and press line as well as various upstream and downstream plants for the MDF/HDF plant planned at the new Lages site. » more

Turkish anti-trust authority investigating 12 producers

18.12.2018 − The Turkish anti-trust authority Rekabet Kurumu launched official investigation proceedings into 12 wood-based panel manufacturers from Turkey and the Turkish wood-based panel association.» more

Berneck starts preparations for new MDF plant

17.12.2018 − The Brazilian wood-based panels manufacturer Berneck has started preparatory measures for the construction of the new MDF/HDF plant in Lages/Santa Catarina. » more

Joint venture founded by Olon and Ilcam subsidiary

14.12.2018 − Canadian Olon Industries and Italian Licar International, want to set up a new works for furniture and drawer fronts at the Olon facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana.» more

Kim Tin has put second MDF plant into operation

12.12.2018 − The MDF manufacturer FSC Viet Nam, which belongs to the Vietnamese Kim Tin Group, officially opened its new MDF plant in Tân Lap/Province Binh Phuóc on 16 August.» more

Methanol contract prices will probably fall again

11.12.2018 − The upward trend in methanol contract prices, which has continued since the third quarter of 2018, is likely to turn around again in the first quarter. » more

Sale of Masisa assets in Mexico delayed

11.12.2018 − The Chilean wood-based panel manufacturer Masisa intends to complete the sale of its Mexican wood-based panel sites by the end of January 2019 at the latest. » more

Kronospan Luxembourg has new manufacturing concept

10.12.2018 − Kronospan Luxembourg will implement a new manufacturing concept with the start-up of a continuous OSB production line to replace a multi-opening line in the weeks ahead. » more

Methanex launches production at Chile IV works

07.12.2018 − Towards the end of the second quarter, Methanex resumed at the Chile IV works that had been built with an annual capacity of 840,000 t in Cabo Negro near Punta Arenas in 2005. » more

Further decline in foreign trade in raw particleboard

05.12.2018 − German foreign trade in raw particleboard has steadily weakened in the course of the year to date, both compared with the corresponding prior-year periods and the previous quarters.» more

GP prepares Clarendon for through-operation

03.12.2018 − Georgia-Pacific will expand the storage capacity at the OSB plant Clarendon/South Carolina by a new hall with a total area of 30,000 sqft.» more

Grigeo Baltwood delivers slightly higher profits

29.11.2018 − Lithuanian Grigeo Baltwood, which is part of the AB Grigeo group, faced another decrease in its revenues and a minor improvement in its earnings in the third quarter of 2018. » more

Egger received Air Quality Permit for particleboard plant

23.11.2018 − Following the receipt of the Air Quality Permit, the Egger Group has begun with the foundation and building construction work for the particleboard plant planned for the Lexington/North Carolina site.» more

Romania has again delivered more OSB to the USA

23.11.2018 − After significant declines in the first and the second quarter, Romania again delivered more OSB to the USA in the third quarter. » more

Hexion can increase revenue through cost sharing

20.11.2018 − As in the previous quarters, the sales development of the US resin producer Hexion in the third quarter was mainly determined by the passing on of higher raw material costs. » more

Canada shipped less OSB to the US in third quarter

19.11.2018 − Canadian OSB exports to the US suffered a minor setback in the third quarter following a sharp growth in the second quarter.» more

Louisiana-Pacific puts Panguipulli II into operation

16.11.2018 − On 30 September, Louisiana-Pacific Corp. produced the first OSB on the production line installed at the Panguipulli facility in Chile. » more

USA: Imports of softwood plywood increased by 65%.

15.11.2018 − According to FAS, imports of US softwood plywood continued to rise in the third quarter by 65 % to 690,716 m³. » more