Wood-based panels

German plywood imports continue to dwindle

12.06.2020 − In the first quarter German imports of hardwood, softwood and tropical plywood again fell short of the figures recorded in the comparative period last year. » more


Mounting opposition to new E05 rules in Germany

11.06.2020 − Objections raised by other EU member states have tended to increase since amended rules governing formaldehyde testing methodology and thus a switch from E1 to E05 took effect in Germany on 1 January.» more

Further turnover increase for Grigeo Baltwood

10.06.2020 − In the first quarter Grigeo Baltwood achieved an increase in turnover for the fifth consecutive time. » more

Steico investing only slightly less than in years past

09.06.2020 − Steico intends to invest approximately €44m in its two Polish production sites in Czarnków and Czarna Woda and in its site in Casteljaloux, France this year. » more

Raute: Guoxu Springwood orders dryer and lay-up line

08.06.2020 − Raute is to supply a veneer dryer as well as automated veneer lay-up lines for the new factory of Chinese plywood manufacturer Guoxu Springwood Wood Panel. » more

Another fall in German foreign trade in particleboard

05.06.2020 − German particleboard imports and exports alike fell by double-digit percentages in the first three months compared with the same timeframe last year. » more

Dieffenbacher sold 18 lines last year

04.06.2020 − Dieffenbacher sold a total of 18 complete and partial lines for making wood-based panels with a continuous press in the 2019 financial year. » more

Latvijas Finieris: slight EBITDA decline in 2019

04.06.2020 − In 2019 Latvijas Finieris achieved an EBITDA to the amount of €32.3m. This represents a 3.9% decline vis à vis the preceding year’s figure. » more

OCI faces another drop in melamine sales

01.06.2020 − OCI Nitrogen saw its melamine sales take a turn for the worse again in the first quarter of this year after relatively strong growth in the final quarter of 2019.» more

Another slump in softwood plywood imports

29.05.2020 − The US imported 12% less softwood plywood in the first three months of 2020 than it had in the same stretch last year with a total of 357,341 m³. » more

EU: Duty-free quota for softwood plywood filled

28.05.2020 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU was filled on 13 May, a little earlier than had been initially expected.» more

Siempelkamp joined the VR Business Club

27.05.2020 − Since the beginning of May Siempelkamp has been a member of the VR Business Club. » more

Finnish plywood production remains far below last year

25.05.2020 − Finnish plywood production in the first quarter was again down by more than a third year-on-year. » more

Norbord plans further reduction in investments

24.05.2020 − In order to generate additional liquidity reserves to handle the corona crisis, Canadian Norbord has postponed all investments not urgently required.» more

EU shipped 21% less particleboard to the USA

23.05.2020 − Europe exported less particleboard to the US in the first three months of 2020 after strong growth in 2019.» more

Strong growth in US exports of OSB

21.05.2020 − Following minor volatility over the past three years, the US exported 37% more OSB in the first quarter of this year with a total of 61,839 m³.» more

Less than 15,000 m³ of duty-free quota left

20.05.2020 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU will likely be filled in the next few days.» more

Plywood quota exhausted since Wednesday

18.05.2020 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU expired on 13 May, somewhat earlier than initially expected.» more

OCI's melamine sales have declined again

18.05.2020 − After the relatively strong increase in the fourth quarter, melamine sales of OCI Nitrogen declined again in the first quarter. » more

EU has again supplied less particleboard to the USA

15.05.2020 − After the strong increase last year, particleboard deliveries from Europe to the USA decreased again in the first quarter.» more

Methanex and SCC lower their prices again in May

15.05.2020 − Persistent pressure on global methanol prices has led the Canadian company Methanex and the US group Southern Chemical (SCC) to trim their contract prices again for May 2020.» more

German mills made less raw particleboard in 2019

15.05.2020 − German companies made less raw particleboard in 2019 than they did in 2018.» more

German OSB production fell again last year

14.05.2020 − German companies made less OSB (commodity tariff number 1621 13 160) in all four quarters of last year, as had been the case in 2018.» more

Great Britain: Particleboard imports fell by 13.3%

21.04.2020 − Germany and France delivered more particleboard to the UK in 2019 than in the previous year.» more

Latvijas Finieris anticipates a 5-8 % drop in sales

21.04.2020 − Latvijas Finieris, the Latvian birch plywood producer, expects the sales volume to decrease by 5-8% in April due to the corona crisis.» more

Vanachai has accepted Siempelkamp's OSB plant

17.04.2020 − Vanachai, the Thai wood-based products manufacturer, started OSB production at the Group's largest site in Surat Thani. » more

Boise Cascade cuts production by up to 40%

09.04.2020 − Due to the current corona crisis, the US-based Boise Cascade expects a significant decline in demand on the North American plywood and EWP markets in the second quarter.» more

Finsa stops production in its Spanish plants

08.04.2020 − Due to the effects of the corona crisis, wood-based panels manufacturer Financiera Madereira has temporarily stopped wood-based panels production at the Spanish locations.» more

Sonae Arauco closes plants in Spain and South Africa

06.04.2020 − The tightening of measures to control coronavirus in various countries is also affecting Sonae Arauco's production activities.» more

Methanol contract price was reduced by 15 €

02.04.2020 − After relatively short negotiations, the European contract price for methanol deliveries in the second quarter of 2020 was fixed at € 255/t fob Rotterdam with the fixing reached on 26 March.» more