Wood-based panels

USA: decline in hardwood plywood imports from China

26.02.2020 − In the fourth quarter US hardwood plywood imports increased by 1% to 660,797m³.» more


Norbord posts an operating loss for last year

24.02.2020 − Lower sales volumes and falling prices in North America and decreases in the price of OSB in Europe have slashed the trend in revenues and earnings booked by Norbord in 2019.» more

Fenglin orders particleboard plant from Dieffenbacher

21.02.2020 − In the fourth quarter, Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group placed an order with Dieffenbacher for a continuous production line for particleboard with long core layer particles.» more

OSB exports from Canada decline by 13%

20.02.2020 − Following a continuous increase ever since 2009, Canadian exports of OSB experienced a decline for the first time last year. » more

Prices of glues and impregnating resins hardly changed

17.02.2020 − A longstanding decline in the costs of raw materials used to make adhesive and impregnating resins now seems to be coming to an end. » more

Arauco to stop making particleboard in Moncure

14.02.2020 − Arauco North Americais poised to cease particleboard production in April at a site in Moncure, North Carolina that it acquired from Uniboard Canada in January 2012. » more

Sonae Arauco finishes assembling press

13.02.2020 − The next step in a project to install a new continuous particleboard line in Beeskow at a plant run by Sonae Arauco Deutschland GmbH was largely completed in mid-January.» more

Composite panel sales decreased by almost 4%

12.02.2020 − The downward spiral in North American particleboard and MDF/HDF manufacturers’ sales slowed a little in the fourth quarter compared with the previous three quarters. » more

Egger set to start up short-cycle presses in March

10.02.2020 − The installation of two short-cycle presses at Egger Wood Products, headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina, is nearing completion. » more

Greater reduction in UPM’s volume of plywood sales

10.02.2020 − The Plywood division of UPM-Kymmene sold a total of 739,000 m³ of plywood in its business year 2019. » more

Huber investing US$30m in treating location

07.02.2020 − The US OSB manufacturer Huber Engineered Woods is poised to build a new treating location in Dillon, South Carolina by the end of 2020. » more

Uplift registered in Russian exports of birch plywood

06.02.2020 − After the rather sluggish development in the first half-year, Russian exports of birch plywood picked up more sharply again in the third quarter. » more

Brazilian exports of Elliotis pine reduced to 2017 level

03.02.2020 − The growth in Brazilian exports of Elliotis pine plywood since 2012 came to an end last year; these exports have fallen again for the first time in seven years, back to the level of 2017.» more

Further reduction in British imports of particleboard

03.02.2020 − The reduction that occurred in the UK’s imports of particleboard in the second quarter became more pronounced in the third quarter. » more

South Korea exploring taking action on plywood imports

31.01.2020 − The Korea Trade Commission (KTC) launched an anti-dumping investigation into plywood imports from Vietnam at the start of December. » more

Büttner started up 10 dryers around the globe in 2019

30.01.2020 − Büttner completed ten start-ups in the 2019 financial year. » more

Unilin Group installing two more short-cycle presses

27.01.2020 − Unilin has ordered two short-cycle presses from Wemhöner Surface Technologies. » more

MDF/HDF production lower in all segments

27.01.2020 − The downturn in German MDF/HDF production that has lasted since the end of 2018 continued to play out in the third quarter of 2019. » more

German raw particleboard output faces major slump

24.01.2020 − The downward trend in German raw particleboard production intensified in the third quarter after somewhat smaller losses in the first half of the year. » more

German OSB production decreased sharply

23.01.2020 − A total of 273,575 m³ of OSB (commodity tariff number 1621 13 160) was manufactured in Germany during the third quarter. » more

Egger invested almost €300m by the end of October

20.01.2020 − Egger Groupinvested a total of €297.4m in the first half of its 2019/2020 financial year, which runs until the end of April. » more

Saviola acquires 50% stake in Nolte Holzwerkstoff

17.01.2020 − Gruppo Mauro Saviola is set to acquire a 50% stake in the particleboard manufacturer Nolte Holzwerkstoff through Saviola Holding. » more

Duty-free quota launches at 650,000 m³ after all

17.01.2020 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU started off 2020 with a baseline of 650,000 m³ after all due to another delay in Brexit. » more

Kronospan set to double its capacity in Chirk

16.01.2020 − The Vision 2020 investment programme launched in early October 2017 by the Kronospan Group for its particleboard and MDF mill in Chirk will enter the final stages in the next few months.» more

ACC forms consortium for formaldehyde

13.01.2020 − On 21 November, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced the formation of Toxic Sub-stances Control Act (TSCA) Risk Evaluation Consortia to inform the EPA risk evaluation of five chemicals.» more

Büttner delivering energy plant and dryer to PG Bison

02.01.2020 − PG Bison has awarded Büttner a contract to supply an energy plant and dryer as part of a project to expand a particleboard mill in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga/South Africa.» more

Further decline in Finnish plywood exports

20.12.2019 − Following the slightly negative development in 2018, Finnish plywood exports have further declined over the course of 2019 so far.» more

Metro-Ply orders first MDF line from Siempelkamp

19.12.2019 − The Thai Metro-Ply Group is set to replace an existing MDF line at its Kanchanburi facility delivered by Eduard Küsters with a new forming and press line from Siempelkamp. » more

Swiss Krono Group orders OSB line from Dieffenbacher

18.12.2019 − Swiss Krono Group has ordered the forming and press line for an OSB mill that it is planning in Sharya, Russia from Dieffenbacher. » more

Methanex and SCC leave methanol prices untouched

16.12.2019 − Methanex and Southern Chemical Corp. (SCC) left their methanol contract prices for the North American market unchanged for the fourth month in a row as November drew to a close.» more