Wood-based panels

Virtually no increase for German OSB exports

08.06.2021 − German exports of OSB in the first quarter remained stable at approximately the level recorded during the comparative period of the preceding year. » more


Kijchai entered adhesive resin production

07.06.2021 − In the course of the first quarter the Thai MDF/HDF manufacturer S.Kijchai Enterprise commissioned its new adhesive resin plant. » more

British quota has been exhausted since 18 May

07.06.2021 − Following a rather slow outflow, the separate softwood plywood quota for Great Britain/Northern Ireland - initially set at 167,352m³ for this year - is now exhausted. » more

Strained supply causes major problems for converters

04.06.2021 − The raw material procurement challenges that the furniture and building products industry have faced for several months have intensified in recent weeks. » more

VMG wants to start making LVL in Akmene too

31.05.2021 − Vakaru Medienos Grupe (VMG) has ordered a complete line to make laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from Raute. » more

USA: slower increase in softwood plywood imports

31.05.2021 − In the first quarter, the USA imported a total volume of 409,065m³ softwood plywood. » more

PG Bison adding to downstream refining capacity

27.05.2021 − KAP Industrial Holdings approved investments that PG Bison has been planning for some time towards the end of April. » more

Provisional anti-dumping duties for Russian plywood

26.05.2021 − The EU Commission has proposed provisional anti-dumping duties ranging between 15.0% and 17.2% in the anti-dumping procedure concerning imports of birch plywood from Russia.» more

Pfleiderer Group issues a €750m sustainability bond

25.05.2021 − Pfleiderer Group issued a sustainability-linked senior secured bond with a total volume of €750m via PCF in mid-April. » more

Price increases complicte customers’ calculations

21.05.2021 − Supply shortfalls in the lumber, wood product and wood-based panel sectors and the resulting price hikes are having an ever-growing impact on underlying contractual agreements.» more

Homann Holzwerkstoffe beat forecasts in 2020

18.05.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe delivered a stronger-than-expected performance in the 2020 financial year. » more

2bn sqft of wood-based panels sold by Roy O. Martin

17.05.2021 − In its business year 2020, Roy O. Martin Lumber Management produced and sold more than 2.0bn sqft (3/8” basis) of OSB and plywood for the first time.» more

LP: OSB division again increases over-proportionally

13.05.2021 − In the first quarter, the OSB business division of Louisiana-Pacific generated total turnover to the amount of US$539m. » more

Pfleiderer Group issues a €750m sustainability bond

11.05.2021 − Pfleiderer Group issued a sustainability-linked senior secured bond with a total volume of €750m via PCF in mid-April.» more

Structural panel production only slightly higher

10.05.2021 − The supply challenges that have emerged on North American structural panel markets in recent months hardly affected local production in the first quarter.» more

US and Chile importing more elliotis pine plywood

07.05.2021 − Shifts in Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports to North and South America intensified in the first quarter. » more

Economies of scale helped Steico to double its EBIT

06.05.2021 − The ongoing growth in demand for building products helped Steico to far surpass the growth in revenues and earnings booked in 2020 during the first three months. » more

Investments in the panel industry picked up slightly

04.05.2021 − The global wood-based panel industry’s reluctance to make investments, which was compounded by the pandemic, has evaporated more and more over the past few months.» more

GO Lab starts assembling insulating materials plant

03.05.2021 − A project to install an insulating material plant by the US start-up GO Lab at a site in Madison, Maine is running around two years behind the original schedule.» more

Three Argos inspection systems ordered by Pfleiderer

30.04.2021 − Pfleiderer Group has placed orders with Argos Solutions for three inspection systems for melamine-laminated and coated boards. » more

Dürr to sell wet electrostatic precipitators in Europe

26.04.2021 − Dürr has announced that its Clean Technology Systems (CTS) division will expand its air pollution control technology business for the wood-based panel industry to Europe and Asia. » more

Chilean plywood exports increase slightly in 2020

23.04.2021 − In the 2020 financial year, Chile exported a total volume of 451,920t plywood. » more

OSB production grew in each individual quarter of 2020

20.04.2021 − According to preliminary data from the Federal Statistical Office, in the fourth quarter German OSB production rose by 11.5% to 308,770m³. » more

Raw particleboard production up at double-digit rate

19.04.2021 − In the fourth quarter, a total volume of 1.056m m³ raw particleboard (goods tariff number 1621 12 001) was produced in Germany. » more

Turkey: Competition Authority imposed fine of 270m lire

16.04.2021 − The Turkish Competition Authority wrapped up an investigation into 13 wood-based panel manufacturers from Turkey and the Turkish wood-based panel association during the first quarter.» more

Dieffenbacher landed eight orders in the first quarter

15.04.2021 − Dieffenbacher had already won more than half as many orders as in all of 2020 by the end of March with a total of eight projects.» more

China: total capacities decreased slightly in 2020

12.04.2021 − Continuing consolidation within China’s wood-based panel industry culminated in the first minor reduction in total particleboard and MDF/HDF capacity in a while last year. » more

Martin Brettenthaler set to become EPF President

12.04.2021 − EPFelected Martin Brettenthaler, CEO of Swiss Krono Group, and Tobias Schindler,CSO of Steico, to its Managing Board at a general assembly held by video conference on 24 March.» more

Ziegler Group to build insulating board works in Bärnau

09.04.2021 − After the plans for building a 200,000-t pellet plant along with a prefabricated-house works and CLT works in Tirschenreuth, Ziegler Group is also planning to build an insulating-board factory in Bärnau.» more

Buying is primarily based on availability

06.04.2021 − The supply situation has continued to deteriorate on most of the raw material markets for the wood-based panel and surface industry during the first quarter. » more