Wood-based panels

Russian birch plywood exports headed lower in Q3

28.01.2021 − Russian birch plywood exports fell by 7% to 637,840 m³ in the third quarter of last year, according to preliminary information from Russian customs authorities. » more


Laminate flooring production at highest level in two years

27.01.2021 − During the third quarter German MDF/HDF production developed along inconsistent lines. » more

OSB production grows at double-digit rate in Q3

26.01.2021 − In the third quarter a total of 302,003m³ OSB (goods tariff number 1621 13 160) was produced in Germany.» more

All product segments surpass preceding year’s volumes

25.01.2021 − Following the corona-related declines recorded in the second quarter of 2020, in the third quarter German particleboard manufacturers increased their production again vis à vis the previous year.» more

Norbord to bring Chambord into operation in spring

21.01.2021 − Norbord plans to recommission the OSB plant in Chambord (Québec) in spring. The plant was shut down in the third quarter of 2008. » more

British OSB imports rebounded in the third quarter

15.01.2021 − British particleboard, MDF/HDF and OSB imports did not fare quite as badly in the third quarter after declining by double-digit percentages in both of the first two quarters. » more

Kadant reports growth in order intake in Wood unit

14.01.2021 − Kadant has announced that its Wood Processing Equipment operations reaped the rewards of good ordering in the North American timber industry in the third quarter. » more

Deurotech expands exhaust air treatment operations

13.01.2021 − Deurotech Group (DTG) has ramped up its exhaust air treatment and environmental technology activities by acquiring Eisenmann Environmental Technology with effect from 11 November. » more

Andritz delivering 60” refiner for Starwood’s MDF project

08.01.2021 − Turkish Starwood Orman Ürünleri Sanayi ordered the technology to make wood chips and fibres for its thin MDF/HDF project announced in early November from Andritz. » more

Significant surge in elliotis pine plywood exports

05.01.2021 − Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports to Europe rebounded this November after spiralling lower in August, September and October.» more

Latvia exported less plywood in the third quarter

04.01.2021 − Latvian plywood exports decreased again in the third quarter when compared with the two previous quarters. » more

First break bulk shipments of plywood to depart China

18.12.2020 − Soaring prices for container shipments from China have prompted a variety of German plywood importers to switch to break bulk shipments for the time being. » more

India taking more action on MDF imports from Asia

14.12.2020 − The Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department of Commerce is probing anti-dumping measures affecting MDF imports from Asia in four separate investigations.» more

Japanese plywood imports decreased by 22.9%

11.12.2020 − Japan imported 22.9% less plywood in the third quarter than it had in the same stretch last year with a total of 454,530 m³. » more

Another growth in German OSB imports in Q3

07.12.2020 − Germany imported 9% more OSB in the third quarterwith a total of 216,443 m³. Echoing what happened in the second quarter (+14%), imports were again higher than in the same stretch last year.» more

Covid-19 leads to a slump at KAP Industrial

07.12.2020 − Tiered measures put in place by the South African Government to combat the spread of the coronavirus have culminated in a sizeable decrease in results for all segments within KAP Industrial.» more

Dieffenbacher lands several modernisation contracts

04.12.2020 − Pfleiderer Group awarded Dieffenbacher a contract to carry out two modernisation projects at its Baruth MDF/HDF mill and its particleboard mill in Grajewo, Poland. » more

Kronospan LLC investing in wastewater treatment

04.12.2020 − Kronospan reached a settlement with the US District Court for the Northern District of Alabama at the beginning of November. » more

PG Bison plans to add MDF line to Piet Retief site

03.12.2020 − The wood-based panel manufacturer PG Bison unveiled a ZAR2bn (equalling roughly €110m) programme of investments at the South Africa Investment Conference on 17 November.» more

Kronospan Holding improved its EBITDA margin

30.11.2020 − Kronospan Holding Germany delivered almost unchanged adjusted EBITDA of €44.9m in its 2018/2019 financial year, which ended on 30 September. » more

Strzelce Opolskie OSB mill offline for several months

27.11.2020 − Kronospan’s OSB mill in Strzelce Opolskie, Poland will likely be offline for several months. » more

West Fraser to enter OSB business via Norbord

25.11.2020 − West Fraser Timber, that has until now specialised in lumber, intends to start manufacturing OSB too with its planned integration of Norbord. » more

Pfleiderer to further increase recycled-wood input

24.11.2020 − On 20 October, the district administration of Neumarkt issued Pfleiderer Neumarkt with a permit for alteration of two particleboard plants operating at its Neumarkt facility. » more

Starwood investing in second thin MDF line

23.11.2020 − At the start of November, Starwood Orman Ürünleri Sanayi tasked GIM Export Group with ordering machinery for a new thin MDF/HDF line. » more

Steico planning fourth site in Gromadka, Poland

20.11.2020 − Steico is poised to build a new facility in Gromadka, Poland, around 70 km east of the border with Germany, over the next two years. » more

Norbord reports the strongest quarter in its history

19.11.2020 − Norbord managed to improve almost all of its key financials significantly in the third quarter on the back of higher sales in both North America and Europe and a sharp increase in North American OSB prices. » more

Russian birch plywood prices holding steady

16.11.2020 − The Eastern European birch plywood industry is still feeling the pinch at the start of the fourth quarter.» more

Finland: another downturn in plywood manufacturing

13.11.2020 − After enjoying a somewhat stronger second quarter, Finnish plywood manufacturers faced another bigger fall in output in the third quarter. » more

Upward trend in OSB prices gives way to stabilisation

12.11.2020 − North American OSB prices have not altered much in all relevant sales regions since the middle of September after rising sharply in the five previous months. » more

Canada imposes tariffs on plywood imports from China

09.11.2020 − Within the scope of an investigation of plywood imports from China, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) imposed preliminary anti-dumping and countervailing duties with effect as of 23 October.» more