Wood-based panels

Egger has written off goodwill for Concordia plant

08.01.2019 − In the first half of the 2018/2019 financial year, the Egger completely wrote off the goodwill of € 53.4m reported for Egger Argentina S.A.U., which has been consolidated since the end of September 2017. » more


Double-digit increase in Russian birch plywood exports

07.01.2019 − In the third quarter of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports again showed double-digit year-on-year growth; by contrast, deliveries in the second quarter failed to materialise. » more

Egger further expanded sales in all divisions

07.01.2019 − The Egger Group increased its consolidated group turnover in the first half of the 2018/2019 financial year by 8.2 % to € 1.432 bn compared with the same period last year.» more

Garnica Group boosts capacity at Llodio mill by a quarter

04.01.2019 − Spanish Grupo Garnica Plywood has raised manufacturing capacity at a radiata pine plywood mill in Llodio that it acquired in April 2018 by roughly 25%. » more

Berneck orders first plants for MDF project in Lages

21.12.2018 − Berneck has placed an order with the Siempelkamp Group for the forming and press line as well as various upstream and downstream plants for the MDF/HDF plant planned at the new Lages site. » more

Turkish anti-trust authority investigating 12 producers

18.12.2018 − The Turkish anti-trust authority Rekabet Kurumu launched official investigation proceedings into 12 wood-based panel manufacturers from Turkey and the Turkish wood-based panel association.» more

Berneck starts preparations for new MDF plant

17.12.2018 − The Brazilian wood-based panels manufacturer Berneck has started preparatory measures for the construction of the new MDF/HDF plant in Lages/Santa Catarina. » more

Joint venture founded by Olon and Ilcam subsidiary

14.12.2018 − Canadian Olon Industries and Italian Licar International, want to set up a new works for furniture and drawer fronts at the Olon facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana.» more

Kim Tin has put second MDF plant into operation

12.12.2018 − The MDF manufacturer FSC Viet Nam, which belongs to the Vietnamese Kim Tin Group, officially opened its new MDF plant in Tân Lap/Province Binh Phuóc on 16 August.» more

Methanol contract prices will probably fall again

11.12.2018 − The upward trend in methanol contract prices, which has continued since the third quarter of 2018, is likely to turn around again in the first quarter. » more

Sale of Masisa assets in Mexico delayed

11.12.2018 − The Chilean wood-based panel manufacturer Masisa intends to complete the sale of its Mexican wood-based panel sites by the end of January 2019 at the latest. » more

Kronospan Luxembourg has new manufacturing concept

10.12.2018 − Kronospan Luxembourg will implement a new manufacturing concept with the start-up of a continuous OSB production line to replace a multi-opening line in the weeks ahead. » more

Methanex launches production at Chile IV works

07.12.2018 − Towards the end of the second quarter, Methanex resumed at the Chile IV works that had been built with an annual capacity of 840,000 t in Cabo Negro near Punta Arenas in 2005. » more

Further decline in foreign trade in raw particleboard

05.12.2018 − German foreign trade in raw particleboard has steadily weakened in the course of the year to date, both compared with the corresponding prior-year periods and the previous quarters.» more

GP prepares Clarendon for through-operation

03.12.2018 − Georgia-Pacific will expand the storage capacity at the OSB plant Clarendon/South Carolina by a new hall with a total area of 30,000 sqft.» more

Grigeo Baltwood delivers slightly higher profits

29.11.2018 − Lithuanian Grigeo Baltwood, which is part of the AB Grigeo group, faced another decrease in its revenues and a minor improvement in its earnings in the third quarter of 2018. » more

Egger received Air Quality Permit for particleboard plant

23.11.2018 − Following the receipt of the Air Quality Permit, the Egger Group has begun with the foundation and building construction work for the particleboard plant planned for the Lexington/North Carolina site.» more

Romania has again delivered more OSB to the USA

23.11.2018 − After significant declines in the first and the second quarter, Romania again delivered more OSB to the USA in the third quarter. » more

Hexion can increase revenue through cost sharing

20.11.2018 − As in the previous quarters, the sales development of the US resin producer Hexion in the third quarter was mainly determined by the passing on of higher raw material costs. » more

Canada shipped less OSB to the US in third quarter

19.11.2018 − Canadian OSB exports to the US suffered a minor setback in the third quarter following a sharp growth in the second quarter.» more

Louisiana-Pacific puts Panguipulli II into operation

16.11.2018 − On 30 September, Louisiana-Pacific Corp. produced the first OSB on the production line installed at the Panguipulli facility in Chile. » more

USA: Imports of softwood plywood increased by 65%.

15.11.2018 − According to FAS, imports of US softwood plywood continued to rise in the third quarter by 65 % to 690,716 m³. » more

Norbord budgets US$150m for investment projects

14.11.2018 − Canadian Norbord intends to spend about US$150m on expanding and modernising its manufacturing capacity in the coming year.» more

Nolte idling production for four days

13.11.2018 − Nolte Holzwerkstoff temporarily suspended particleboard production for almost four days from 3 to 6 November due to a shortage of adhesive resin. » more

Sonae Industria reports weaker earnings

12.11.2018 − Sonae Industria and the joint venture Sonae Arauco both ended the third quarter with a significant decrease in earnings compared with the same stretch last year following mixed trends in the second quarter.» more

Logistics problems again hindering availability of resin

12.11.2018 − Longstanding problems encountered when transporting chemical raw materials along the River Rhine have made a significant dent into adhesive resin supply again over the past fortnight.» more

Further growth in Russian exports of birch plywood

07.11.2018 − The upward trend observed in Russia’s exports of birch plywood exports in the first quarter gathered a little more pace in the second quarter. » more

Production of particleboard increased year-on-year

06.11.2018 − In the second quarter, German particleboard production in all product groups increased year-on-year. » more

Further decline in British imports of wood-based panels

05.11.2018 − Imports of British particleboard and OSB in the second quarter were lower than a year earlier.» more

Raute: Order intake again at previous year's level

05.11.2018 − The Finnish machinery and plant manufacturer Raute received orders worth a total of €42mi in the third quarter. Of this amount, €27m related to new plants and €15m to Technology Services. » more