Wood-based panels

New formaldehyde rules to take effect in January

19.07.2019 − Planned changes to the measuring methodology used in Germany to determine formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels will likely enter into force on 1 January after all.» more


Finsa: Earnings figures have fallen again in 2018

18.07.2019 − The Spanish wood-based panel manufacturer Finsa generated sales of €916m in fiscal 2018. » more

Brazil exporting less elliotis pine plywood than last year

17.07.2019 − Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports continued to evolve in mixed directions during the second quarter.» more

Kronospan to build second plant in Ukraine

16.07.2019 − According to a report by the Ukrainian investment agency InvestInRivne, the Kronospan Group plans to build a new plant at the Gorodok site in the Rivne region by 2021.» more

Egger starts up Biskupiec particleboard mill

15.07.2019 − The Egger group has started the process of commissioning a particleboard mill that it built in Biskupiec, north-east Poland after receiving an outstanding IPPC permit. » more

Canada to bring formaldehyde rules in line with the US

12.07.2019 − On 28 June, the Canadian Government published a long-planned draft revision of its Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products Regulations.» more

Slight rise in Russian plywood exports recorded

12.07.2019 − Following double-digit increases in three out of four quarters as well as over the entire period of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports increased only slightly in the first quarter.» more

Europe: Slower growth wood-based panels production

12.07.2019 − The European wood-based panel industry manufactured a total of 59.3m m³ last year, a year-on-year increase of 1.7%.» more

Louisiana-Pacific buys a siding supplier

04.07.2019 − Louisiana-Pacific has acquired Prefinished Staining Products (PSPI).» more

EBRD to make €208m available to Kronospan

03.07.2019 − The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is currently reviewing whether to provide two loans with a total value of €208.8m to the Belarusian firms Kronospan FLLC and Kronospan OSB FLLC.» more

Vanachai achieves turnaround in sales and EBITDA

01.07.2019 − In the first quarter, the Thai wood-based panel manufacturer Vanachai generated sales of 2.365bn Baht or the equivalent of 74.2m US$. » more

Paged plans to stop plywood production at Elk plant

01.07.2019 − The Polish plywood manufacturer Paged Sklejka intends to concentrate its production at the two locations Morag and Pisz in the future.» more

Methanex reports slide in revenues and earnings

27.06.2019 − Methanex saw its revenues tumble by around a quarter to US$733m in the first three months. » more

Norbord closing OSB mill in 100 Mile House in August

26.06.2019 − Norbord is set to close its 100 Mile House OSB mill in British Columbia indefinitely in August.» more

Sharp reductions in Pfleiderer Group’s results

26.06.2019 − The situation concerning the results of Pfleiderer Group deteriorated considerably in the first quarter with slightly regressive sales revenue. » more

Raute opens second Russian service centre in Kirov

25.06.2019 − The Finnish machine and plant manufacturer Raute opened a second service centre in Russia on 19 June. » more

Double-digit decrease again in OSB production

21.06.2019 − German OSB production (goods tariff number 1621 13 163) remained significantly below the preceding year’s figures in all four quarters of 2018.» more

MDF/HDF production declines in most cases

21.06.2019 − In the fourth quarter of 2018 the German MDF/HDF industry was confronted with production declines in most product ranges. » more

Georgia-Pacific to close three particleboard mills

19.06.2019 − Georgia-Pacific plans to part ways with three of its four particleboard mills. » more

Centuryply plans expansion of its panel capacities

18.06.2019 − The Indian wood-based panel and laminate manufacturer Century Plyboards plans to build its second particleboard plant at the Sitapur/Uttar Pradesh site in northern India.» more

Louisiana-Pacific closes down OSB plant in Fort St. John

17.06.2019 − The US OSB manufacturer Louisiana-Pacific will shut down the OSB plant in Fort St. John, which operates under the name "Peace Valley", for an indefinite period at the beginning of the third quarter.» more

Raw particleboard production below prior-year level

14.06.2019 − Due to a stronger decline in the fourth quarter, German raw particleboard production in 2018 as a whole remained below the previous year's level. » more

Beeskow replacement project a bit behind schedule

11.06.2019 − The replacement project that Sonae Arauco is carrying out at its Beeskow particleboard mill is currently running nearly two months behind schedule. » more

IPPC approval still outstanding for Biskupiec works

10.06.2019 − Further delays have arisen in the authorisation procedure for the particleboard works set up by Egger group in Biskupiec in northern Poland. » more

Another decrease in import surplus for OSB

08.06.2019 − German OSB exports showed stronger growth in the first quarter after being rather subdued last year. » more

Camsan Ordu orders MDF line from Dieffenbacher

07.06.2019 − Turkish Camsan Ordu Agaç Sanayi ve Ticaret ordered key technology for a long-planned new production line during the first quarter. » more

Sharp downturn in Q1 Latvian plywood exports

07.06.2019 − Latvia’s foreign trade in plywood was much weaker than last year’s level in the first three months. » more

Yildiz Sunta production terminated after bankruptcy

06.06.2019 − Turkish Yildiz Sunta Orman Ürünleri Sanayi Tesisleri discontinued all production activities in January in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.» more

Further rise in German softwood plywood imports

06.06.2019 − According to the Federal Statistical Office, Germany imported 185,961m³ softwood plywood in the first quarter.» more

Situation in Turkey has turned for the worse since mid-2018

03.06.2019 − The Turkish wood-based panel industry’s financial situation has deteriorated amidst a collapse in the domestic market and disappearance of key export markets that combined with financing problems. » more