Wood-based panels

Mixed trends in British plywood imports

12.10.2021 − British plywood imports increased 11.5% to reach 777,000 m³ in the first half compared with a prior-year period that was hit hard by Brexit and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.» more


Homann Holzwerkstoffe plans another production line

08.10.2021 − Homann intends to build a second production line at one of the three existing locations in Losheim, Karlino or Krosno Odranskie in addition to its current investment project in Pagirai (Lithuania).» more

Vyatsky Plywood Mill: production up in first half-year

29.09.2021 − In the first half, Segezha Group - which belongs to Russian conglomerate AFK Sistemma - produced a total of 97,830 m³ of plywood at its Vyatsky Plywood Mill. » more

Greenplac: vertical integration of MDF plant continues

28.09.2021 − Asperbras Brazil has also entered into the impregnation sector via its MDF/HDF plant operating under the name Greenplac at the location in Água Clara, Mato Grosso do Sul. » more

Homann boosts half-year sales revenue by 32%

27.09.2021 − According to the provisional figures published on 7 September, at €156.9m, sales revenue generated by Homann Holzwerkstoffe in the first half-year was almost a third higher than in the previous year.» more

Holtec to supply VMG’s LVL works’ woodyard systems

24.09.2021 − Following the order completed through Dieffenbacher for the THDF thinboard works planned by Homanit Lietuva in Lithuania, Holtec has received another order from the Baltic wood-based panel industry.» more

Sharp uptick in North American methanol contract prices

21.09.2021 − Production interruptions on the US Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Ida have left their mark on North American methanol contract prices, as well. » more

Clearer increase recorded in Japanese imports

20.09.2021 − In the second quarter of 2021, Japanese plywood imports increased to 629,994 m³.» more

Birch plywood punitive tariffs may be suspended

17.09.2021 − The EU Commission is considering suspending the anti-dumping duties - currently being imposed on a provisional basis - on birch plywood imports from Russia. » more

Methanol and melamine prices heading for record highs

15.09.2021 − Procurement markets for a variety of raw materials used to make adhesive and impregnating resins are not settling down after the holidays, either. » more

Mixed trends in MDF/HDF, OSB and particleboard prices

13.09.2021 − Price trends on Central European particleboard, MDF/HDF and OSB markets decoupled from one another for the first time in a while in July and August.» more

Germany imported slightly less hardwood plywood

13.09.2021 − Altogether, Germany imported 193,364 m³ of hardwood plywood in the second quarter. » more

Schilliger Holz to start making insulating board

10.09.2021 − An insulating board project is on the horizon again in Switzerland a good two years after Pavatex shut down its site in Cham on Lake Zug.» more

Insulating board capacity to grow by around 6m m³

09.09.2021 − The Swiss sawmilling firm Schilliger Holz is to invest in a new insulating board plant. » more

Turkish manufacturers ordered several production lines

08.09.2021 − Turkey remains a hotspot for investments in new wood-based panel lines, even though business has now cooled. » more

German OSB exports up 14% in the second quarter

06.09.2021 − Germany imported and exported more OSB in the second quarter than in the same span in 2020. Exports had rebounded by 14% to 133,075 m³ after a somewhat weaker first three months (+1% to 139,351 m³).» more

Panneaux de Corrèze utilises Evertree adhesive system

24.08.2021 − Panneaux de Corrèze is the first industrial user of the bio-based, formaldehyde- and PMDI-free adhesive system developed by biochemical start-up Evertree under the name Green Ultimate.» more

Swiss Krono plans several projects in Heiligengrabe

23.08.2021 − Swiss Krono Group intends to invest a total of €250-300m by 2025 in various expansion and optimisation projects at the OSB, MDF/HDF and laminate flooring location in Wittstock-Heiligengrabe.» more

Anthon to supply technology for new Merino mill

20.08.2021 − Anthon, that specialises in cut-to-size and feeding systems for the wood-based panel and furniture industry, is to deliver sanding and cut-to-size technology for a particleboard mill in Halol, Gujarat.» more

Element manufacturer Eltec in transferred restructuring

19.08.2021 − Eltec Elemente has acquired key parts of the assets and operations of Eltec Elemente-Technik für Möbel- und Innenausbau - a firm that has been insolvent since mid-January - with retroactive effect to 1 June.» more

UPM: plywood sales again rise at double digit rate

18.08.2021 − In the second quarter, the plywood business division of UPM-Kymmene sold a total plywood volume of 198,000 m³.» more

Former Norbord mills: Sales lagging behind output

17.08.2021 − The Norbord mills integrated into West Fraser Timber with effect from 1 February made more of almost all products than they sold in the second quarter. » more

LP’s Peace Valley plant produces first board

16.08.2021 − As of the end of June, Louisiana-Pacific has recommissioned the plant in Fort St. John (British Columbia) operated under the name Peace Valley. » more

Egger has improved conditions for investments again

13.08.2021 − Egger Group scaled back its investment activity markedly in the 2020/2021 financial year (ended 30 April), as announced. » more

AKP investing €10m in new production location

12.08.2021 − AKP Carat-Arbeitsplatten is currently investing around €10m in a new plant in Meiningen’s Rohrer Berg industrial estate.» more

Steico set to build a fifth plant near Landsberg

09.08.2021 − Steico is exploring the possibility of building its first location in Germany in the Landsberg area alongside current projects to expand its facilities and plans to build a new plant in Gromadka, Poland. » more

Cartel Office will not launch an investigation for now

06.08.2021 − German Federal Cartel Office has reviewed whether supply constraints and rising prices on particleboard markets might be the result of agreements that hinder competition.» more

North America: Plywood output growing at faster rates

05.08.2021 − North American softwood plywood mills enjoyed even stronger growth in their output than OSB manufacturers between April and June when compared with both the first quarter and the same stretch last year. » more

Duratex aiming to enlarge laminating capacity by 45%

02.08.2021 − On 14 July, the board of directors of Duratex took the decision to change the name of the company to Dexco; an investment programme for a total of BRL2.4bn (roughly equivalent to US$500m) was approved.» more

Changes among suppliers of WESP technology

30.07.2021 − Several changes have emerged among the ranks of providers of WESP technology used for the electrostatic precipitation of particles and aerosols from gas flows over the past few months.» more