Wood-based panels

Pfleiderer doubles reserves for property deal

28.03.2019 − In its annual financial statement for 2018, Pfleiderer Group will form additional reserves for tax burdens from property transactions. » more


OCI receives offer for worldwide methanol assets

26.03.2019 − Chemical group OCI has received an offer for its worldwide methanol assets, which include a plant in Beaumont, Texas, a joint venture at the same site and the Dutch BioMCN.» more

SWPM has more than tripled revenues since acquisition

22.03.2019 − Shanghai Wood-Based Panel Machinery Co. Ltd., which has belonged to the Dieffenbache-Group since the second quarter of 2009, generated sales of almost € 80m last year with around 500 employees. » more

Forex: LVL production shutdown has been extended

21.03.2019 − For the time being, the Canadian Groupe Forex will not restart LVL production at the Amos/Québec site, which was discontinued at the beginning of the year. » more

Brazil: wood-based panels industry restarts lines

18.03.2019 − In connection with the stabilisation of domestic demand over the course of last year, capacity utilisation of the Brazilian wood-based panels industry also improved slightly.» more

Arauco: Sales of wood-based panels increased by 11 %

15.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the Chilean wood and pulp group Arauco increased its composite panel sales in North and South America by 9.6 % to 1.329m m³ of composite panels (particleboard, MDF/HDF).» more

Duty-free quota is 20 % of total quantity

15.03.2019 − The rapid phasing-out of the duty-free quota for imports of softwood plywood into the EU has continued in recent weeks, with around 80% of the total quantity now being called. » more

China was largest OSB export market in the fourth quarter

15.03.2019 − With a total export volume slightly above the previous year's level, China was the largest foreign sales market for the German OSB industry in the fourth quarter. » more

German foreign trade in particleboard weakens again

14.03.2019 − Germany experienced a gradual decrease in its particleboard exports and imports in the second half of 2018 after a better performance in the first and second quarters of 2018. » more

Anthon delivers first high-performance saw to Asia

13.03.2019 − Anthon, a German plant manufacturer specialising in cut-to-size and loading systems , has delivered its first high-performance through-feed saw to South-East Asia in the past few weeks.» more

CHH to completely abandon particleboard activities

13.03.2019 − The Australian Carter Holt Harvey Pinepanels (CHH) ceased production at its particleboard plant in Tumut/New South Wales on February 25, and the site was finally closed at the end of the month. » more

CMPC plywood sales increased by 22% in 2018

11.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the Chilean CMPC sold a total of 112,000 m³ of plywood. » more

Siempelkamp plant now in operation at Yekalon in China

08.03.2019 − At the beginning of February, Siempelkamp produced the first panel on the MDF/HDF thin-panel plant installed at Yekalon-Jiufangyuan Panels of Huanggang in Hubei, China.» more

Japan’s 2018 plywood imports increased slightly

07.03.2019 − Owing to a comparatively strong fourth quarter, Japan’s plywood imports in 2018 as a whole only reached a 0.7 % higher level than a year earlier at approximately 2.923m m³.» more

Plywood imports: Last year's trend has reversed

05.03.2019 − In 2018, German hardwood plywood imports increased by 5 % to 748,585 m³. » more

Norbord orders OSB dryer from Büttner for Inverness

04.03.2019 − The Canadian OSB manufacturer Norbord has ordered a second dryer from Büttner for the Scottish OSB plant Inverness-Morayhill.» more

Siempelkamp sells second OSB plant to China

04.03.2019 − During the first quarter, Chinese Jiangsu Hui Dian New Materials ordered a forming and press line for OSB and various upstream and downstream plant components from the Siempelkamp Group.» more

Opposing trends in Spain’s plywood imports

04.03.2019 − Spain’s imports of softwood and hardwood plywood in the third quarter of 2018 were reverted to the level of the first. » more

Nearly two thirds of duty-free quota already used up

01.03.2019 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into the EU is being used up more quickly this year than in 2018. » more

Roseburg wraps up purchase of a third MDF facility

28.02.2019 − Roseburg Forest Products completed its acquisition of an MDF mill in El Dorado, Arkansas doing business as Del-Tin Fiber LLC from PotlachDeltic on 13 February. » more

PG Bison planning to enlarge particleboard capacity

26.02.2019 − PG Bison, part of the South African conglomerate KAP Industrial Holdings, is currently preparing expansion investment measures for its particleboard works in Ugie, Eastern Cape, and Piet Retief, Mpumalanga. » more

In 2018, Carmanah sold five OSB-stranders to China

25.02.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the Wood Processing Systems business unit of US plant manufacturer Kadant received another Strander order from China. » more

Further growth in Methanex’ sales revenue and result

22.02.2019 − The volume of methanol sold by Methanex in the fourth quarter of 2018 fell by 3.5 % to 2.752m t falling short of the level of a year earlier for the first time again since the fourth quarter of 2015.» more

Latvian plywood exports have risen again

22.02.2019 − Latvian plywood exports in the fourth quarter were higher than in the previous year for the first time, after having declined in each of the first three quarters. » more

Further price decrease for Russian birch plywood

21.02.2019 − The downward spiral in Russian birch plywood prices strengthened in the first few weeks of 2019. » more

Sonae Arauco begins construction work in Beeskow

20.02.2019 − The construction of a new continuous particleboard line planned by Sonae Arauco at the Beeskow site as part of a replacement investment is to begin at the beginning of March. » more

North American OSB market experiencing weakness

18.02.2019 − A strong first half of 2018 gave way to growing weakness on North American OSB markets. » more

Finnish plywood exports down in first 11 months

15.02.2019 − Finland exported 2.3% less plywood between January and November compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year, according to figures compiled by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF).» more

CEO change at Olon and Ilcam joint venture

15.02.2019 − Don Hambly, CEO of the Canadian furniture parts manufacturer Olon Industries, and Jim Lymer, General Manager of the joint venture OL Frontal Solutions left the company on 5 Februar with immediate effect.» more

North America: Stable particleboard sales

15.02.2019 − The North American markets for composite panels developed in line with expectations in the fourth quarter.» more