Wood-based panels

Netherlands taking action against Chinese exporter

23.10.2020 − The Dutch authorities have requested Sakol Nederland to refrain from importing any further plywood with surface layers of tropical wood from the Chinese exporter Jiangsu High Hope Arser.» more


70 % growth registered in Brazil’s Elliotis pine exports

22.10.2020 − In September, Brazilian exports of Elliotis pine plywood were 70 % higher than last year at 252,764 m³. » more

Siempelkamp sells hybrid OSB plant to China

19.10.2020 − Guangxi Xiangsheng Household Materials Technology had placed an order with Siempelkamp for a complete plant on which various types of OSB are to be manufactured from the second half-year 2021. » more

Nile Wood concretises orders for planned MDF plant

16.10.2020 − By placing orders for plant and machinery, Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKH) has given more concrete shape to the MDF project planned via the new company Nile Wood founded specifically for this purpose. » more

Lechner increasing production of Dekton worktops

15.10.2020 − The worktop manufacturer and creator D. Lechner has increased its production of worktops and splashbacks made of stone materials by adding a third shift.» more

Greenplac adds formaldehyde plant to MDF complex

12.10.2020 − Asperbras Brazil is planning to start making formaldehyde too in Água Clara, Mato Grosso do Sul by the end of 2020. » more

OSB production increases again in the second quarter

12.10.2020 − German manufacturers of OSB once again increased their production vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year during the second quarter. » more

Homann aiming to make up losses by end of year

09.10.2020 − After the deterioration that occurred as a result of the corona crisis, the capacity utilisation of the three thin MDF/HDF panel works of Homann has gradually been improving again since June. » more

Russian plywood exports drop off

09.10.2020 − The upward trend in Russian plywood exports observed during the first quarter weakened again in the subsequent period. » more

Japanese plywood imports back at 2019 level

05.10.2020 − In the second quarter, Japan imported plywood at a total volume of 615,608m³.» more

Delignit result only marginally positive

02.10.2020 − In the first half year, specialist plywood manufacturer Delignit generated turnover to the amount of €25.6m. » more

Grigeo’s Q1 hardboard sales revenue higher than last year

01.10.2020 − After the almost double-figure increase in the first quarter, Grigeo Baltwood raised its sales revenue for the second quarter above last year’s figure again. » more

Egger laminates first panel in Lexington

28.09.2020 − Egger group has started production at the new particleboard works in Lexington, North Carolina, set up via Egger Wood Products, by commissioning the first short-cycle press. » more

Mieco sells Great Platform particleboard works

25.09.2020 − At the beginning of the second quarter, Mieco Chipboard concluded the sale of the Gemas/Negeri Sembilan particleboard works to Bagus Timber as agreed at the beginning of November.» more

Patent Makina finishes its installation work at Big Star

21.09.2020 − Turkish machinery builder Patent Mühendislik Makina plans to wrap up mechanical installation work on an MDF line planned by the Algerian group Bigstar towards the end of July. » more

70 short-cycle presses sold by GIM to Turkish clients

17.09.2020 − Since the beginning of the 90s, GIM Export Group has sold a total of 70 short-cycle presses made by Wemhöner Surface Technologies to Turkish wood-based panel manufacturers.» more

Vanachai reports positive EBIT for first time in a while

14.09.2020 − Vanachai Group Public registered a 15% year-on-year decrease in its consolidated revenues to THB2.054bn or roughly US$66.4m in the second quarter.» more

Eucatex reports strong fall in particleboard business

11.09.2020 − Eucatex Indústria e Comércio curbed its output in the second quarter in response to slower demand since the end of March. » more

Pro-MDF: Production down by more than a third

08.09.2020 − Pro MDF, which is a Proteak subsidiary, suffered a 37% downturn in output in the second quarter of 2020. » more

German foreign trade in particleboard weakens again

07.09.2020 − The downward spiral in the German foreign trade in particleboard persisted across all product segments during the second quarter.» more

Arauco reports a sharp fall in production and sales

04.09.2020 − Celulosa Arauco y Constitutión manufactured 939,000 m³ and sold 1.113 million m³ of composite panels (particleboard, MDF/HDF) in North and South America between April and June 2020.» more

Germany imported more OSB in the second quarter

03.09.2020 − Altogether Germany imported 232,383 m³ of OSB in the second quarter of 2020, 11% more than in the same stretch last year. » more

Siempelkamp planning to shed 260 jobs in Krefeld

03.09.2020 − Siempelkamp’s management team has informed the works council for its subsidiaries Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik of plans to eliminate almost 260 jobs.» more

Kastamonu performing another modernisation project

27.08.2020 − Turkish Kastamonu Entegre awarded the Siempelkamp subsidiary Siempelkamp Logistics & Service a contract to modernise its MDF/HDF line in Kastamonu.» more

Methanex revenues at lowest level in four years

25.08.2020 − The Canadian methanol producer Methanex faced a 40% decrease in total second-quarter revenues in a year-on-year comparison to US$512m. » more

Finsa to close MDF mill in Morcenx by the end of 2020

20.08.2020 − On 22 July, the Spanish wood-based panel manufacturer Financiera Maderera (Finsa) informed staff at its MDF mill in the south-western French town of Morcenx that it is planning to cease production.» more

Egger Group replicates 2018/2019’s performance

16.08.2020 − Austrian Egger Group has announced that its consolidated revenues dipped by just 0.4% to €2.832bn in the 2019/2020 financial year.» more

Efanor planning to boost its stake in Sonae Industria

13.08.2020 − Efanor Investimentos, an investment firm controlled by the Azevedo family, made a voluntary takeover offer for all outstanding shares in Sonae Industria on 31 July. » more

Egger invested more than €1.5bn over past three years

12.08.2020 − Egger Group wrapped up a three-year programme of investments with the end of its 2019/2020 financial year on 30 April. » more

Further shifts in the insulating board industry

10.08.2020 − European wood-fibre insulating board manufacturers have experienced considerable changes in their positions over the past four years.» more