Wood-based panels

Pfleiderer: production volumes remained almost stable

18.04.2019 − Following somewhat stronger growth in the previous two years, the Pfleiderer Group's production and sales figures hardly rose at all in financial year 2018. » more


Shifts in US particleboard imports from the EU

15.04.2019 − The US imported more particleboard from the EU-28 again last year amidst little change in overall imports. » more

EPF AGM back in Scotland after 18 years

15.04.2019 − The European Panel Federation (EPF) will hold this year’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Dunblane, Scotland, which is about 50 km north of Edinburgh and Glasgow. » more

UPM has commissioned new facilities in Chudovo

12.04.2019 − Finnish UPM-Kymmene has largely completed the expansion of its Chudovo birch plywood mill in Russia, which began in autumn 2017. » more

Plyterra orders more plywood technology from Raute

11.04.2019 − Russian Plyterra has ordered additional manufacturing and laminating technology from Raute for a project to expand its Umet mill located in the Zubovo-Polyanskiy region of the Republic of Mordovia. » more

Kastamonu: Fire on wood yard erased only on 8 April

11.04.2019 − A fire on the wood yard of the former Annovati particleboard plant in Frossasco, which broke out early in the morning of 28 March, could only be extinguished after twelve days. » more

USA: drop in hardwood plywood imports from China

08.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter of 2018 the USA imported a total of 660,374m³ hardwood plywood. » more

EBRD wants to support Kronospan’s OSB project

05.04.2019 − The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is currently considering granting another loan to the Kronospan group. » more

USA: softwood plywood imports down again in Q4

05.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter US softwood plywood imports decreased by 15% to 424,767m³, according to the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS). » more

Chile increases plywood exports by 24.3% in 2018

04.04.2019 − In 2018 Chile exported a total volume of 515,653t radiata pine plywood. » more

Russian birch plywood exports increased by 10%.

02.04.2019 − After a somewhat slower start in the first quarter of 2018, Russian birch plywood exports rose at slightly double-digit rates in the following quarters. » more

Statement on OSB plant in Chirk was postponed

01.04.2019 − At its meeting on 4 March, the Wrexham CBC Planning Committee postponed its statement on the Kronospan Group's planned expansion of its particleboard and MDF/HDF plant in Chirk/Wales by an OSB line.» more

Canada: OSB exports have doubled since 2013

29.03.2019 − In 2018 Canadian OSB exports increased even more significantly than in previous years. » more

Metsä starts test operation on new Kerto LVL plant

28.03.2019 − The Metsä business unit "Metsä Wood" has now started test operations on the new production line for Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) built at the Punkaharju site. » more

Pfleiderer doubles reserves for property deal

28.03.2019 − In its annual financial statement for 2018, Pfleiderer Group will form additional reserves for tax burdens from property transactions. » more

OCI receives offer for worldwide methanol assets

26.03.2019 − Chemical group OCI has received an offer for its worldwide methanol assets, which include a plant in Beaumont, Texas, a joint venture at the same site and the Dutch BioMCN.» more

SWPM has more than tripled revenues since acquisition

22.03.2019 − Shanghai Wood-Based Panel Machinery Co. Ltd., which has belonged to the Dieffenbache-Group since the second quarter of 2009, generated sales of almost € 80m last year with around 500 employees. » more

Forex: LVL production shutdown has been extended

21.03.2019 − For the time being, the Canadian Groupe Forex will not restart LVL production at the Amos/Québec site, which was discontinued at the beginning of the year. » more

Brazil: wood-based panels industry restarts lines

18.03.2019 − In connection with the stabilisation of domestic demand over the course of last year, capacity utilisation of the Brazilian wood-based panels industry also improved slightly.» more

Arauco: Sales of wood-based panels increased by 11 %

15.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the Chilean wood and pulp group Arauco increased its composite panel sales in North and South America by 9.6 % to 1.329m m³ of composite panels (particleboard, MDF/HDF).» more

Duty-free quota is 20 % of total quantity

15.03.2019 − The rapid phasing-out of the duty-free quota for imports of softwood plywood into the EU has continued in recent weeks, with around 80% of the total quantity now being called. » more

China was largest OSB export market in the fourth quarter

15.03.2019 − With a total export volume slightly above the previous year's level, China was the largest foreign sales market for the German OSB industry in the fourth quarter. » more

German foreign trade in particleboard weakens again

14.03.2019 − Germany experienced a gradual decrease in its particleboard exports and imports in the second half of 2018 after a better performance in the first and second quarters of 2018. » more

Anthon delivers first high-performance saw to Asia

13.03.2019 − Anthon, a German plant manufacturer specialising in cut-to-size and loading systems , has delivered its first high-performance through-feed saw to South-East Asia in the past few weeks.» more

CHH to completely abandon particleboard activities

13.03.2019 − The Australian Carter Holt Harvey Pinepanels (CHH) ceased production at its particleboard plant in Tumut/New South Wales on February 25, and the site was finally closed at the end of the month. » more

CMPC plywood sales increased by 22% in 2018

11.03.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the Chilean CMPC sold a total of 112,000 m³ of plywood. » more

Siempelkamp plant now in operation at Yekalon in China

08.03.2019 − At the beginning of February, Siempelkamp produced the first panel on the MDF/HDF thin-panel plant installed at Yekalon-Jiufangyuan Panels of Huanggang in Hubei, China.» more

Japan’s 2018 plywood imports increased slightly

07.03.2019 − Owing to a comparatively strong fourth quarter, Japan’s plywood imports in 2018 as a whole only reached a 0.7 % higher level than a year earlier at approximately 2.923m m³.» more

Plywood imports: Last year's trend has reversed

05.03.2019 − In 2018, German hardwood plywood imports increased by 5 % to 748,585 m³. » more

Norbord orders OSB dryer from Büttner for Inverness

04.03.2019 − The Canadian OSB manufacturer Norbord has ordered a second dryer from Büttner for the Scottish OSB plant Inverness-Morayhill.» more