Wood-based panels

Invernizzi has invested in new rotary veneer line

17.10.2018 − The Italian plywood and particleboard manufacturer Invernizzi has invested a total of around €5.5m in the expansion of its machinery at its Solarolo Rainerio headquarters in recent months. » more


Sonae Arauco: MDF line in Mangualde has started up

16.10.2018 − In mid-September, the joint venture Sonae Arauco produced the first board on the new continuous production line built at the Portuguese MDF plant in Mangualde. » more

DOC launches new investigation into Chinese plywood

12.10.2018 − The US Department of Commerce (DOC) will now open a further investigation into plywood imports from China. » more

Parisot and CFP owner P3G submits offer for Lure

11.10.2018 − P3G Industries and the chipboard manufacturer Compagnie Francaise de Panneau (CFP), submitted an offer for the chipboard plant Lure to the Swedish Ikea Industry AB on 20 September. » more

Minor decline registered in Pfleiderer’s sales volumes

08.10.2018 − The slight downhill trend that had already ap-peared in the sales volumes of Pfleiderer Group in the first quarter was perpetuated in the quarter thereafter. » more

Over 10 short-cycle presses to get up and running

05.10.2018 − As particleboard and MDF capacity continues to increase, laminating capacity will also be boosted considerably in North America over the next two years.» more

Chile: Wood-based panel production again over 3m m³

05.10.2018 − In Chile a total of 3.072m m³ wood-based panels were produced in 2017. » more

Great Platform-acquisition enables Mieco to increase sales

02.10.2018 − The Malaysian wood-based panel manufacturer Mieco Chipboard increased its sales to 98.4m ringgit in the second quarter.» more

Methanex has slightly raised price for fourth quarter

28.09.2018 − The expectations expressed since mid-September for the European methanol contract price in the fourth quarter seem to be confirmed. » more

Another double-digit increase for Homann WBP

28.09.2018 − In the first half of the year, Homann Wood-Based Panels achieved double-digit growth both in Germany and abroad. » more

Metsä Wood’s production running in three shifts in Pärnu

28.09.2018 − Metsä Group officially put its new birch plywood works in Pärnu, Estonia, into operation on 27 August, having previously performed various test runs and quality checks.» more

Entry of European producers sets US industry in motion

27.09.2018 − The entry of European wood-based panel producers in the US will likely intensify long-expected changes in the US furniture industry.» more

Homag Panel Dividing and Anthon cooperate

27.09.2018 − The companies Homag Panel Dividing and Anthon, which are active in the field of dividing saws, want to expand their respective product ranges by means of a cooperation. » more

LP has shut down EWP site due to Hurricane Florence

21.09.2018 − Louisiana-Pacific has temporarily taken the EWP plant in Wilmington/North Carolina out of production. » more

Raute has raised forecast for current fiscal year

19.09.2018 − The Finnish machine and plant manufacturer Raute is currently able to process its high order backlog more quickly than originally expected. » more

Egger applies for €150m loan for Polish plant

14.09.2018 − The Egger Group, through Egger Holzwerkstoffe GmbH, has applied to the European Investment Bank (EIB) for a loan of €150m for the ongoing construction of the chipboard plant in Biskupiec, Poland. » more

Kronospan product warning spreads relatively widely

14.09.2018 − The product warning for P3 tongue-and-groove flooring particleboard published by Kronospan CR on 27 August affects Hornbach as well as other DIY store chains and timber and building materials dealers. » more

Boise Cascade wants to quit chipboard production

13.09.2018 − Boise Cascade intends to sell the particleboard plant in La Grande/Oregon and the two sawmills Pilot Rock and La Grande, also located in north-eastern Oregon, to Woodgrain Millwork.» more

Kronospan Chirk wants to extend approval to OSB

11.09.2018 − The Kronospan Group intends to extend the existing environmental permit for the Chirk particleboard and MDF/HDF plant to OSB.» more

More significant shifts in German OSB imports

07.09.2018 − In the second quarter more considerable shifts between the individual countries were recorded in the German OSB export trade.» more

Hexion still benefiting from higher sales prices

06.09.2018 − US resin producer Hexion experienced another improvement in revenues compared with the prior-year period between April and June. » more

MDF Recovery: First recycling plant by early 2020

05.09.2018 − The British technology company MDF Recovery has completed pre-engineering for the first industrial plant for recycling MDF waste.» more

Italy has again delivered more chipboard to the USA

05.09.2018 − Following the sharp decline in the first quarter, US particleboard imports almost doubled again in the second quarter to 49,866 m³ year-on-year. » more

Arauco and Formica agree on decor cooperation

03.09.2018 − In mid-August, the wood-based panel manufacturer Arauco North America and the laminate manufacturer Formica announced an exclusive decor cooperation.» more

Placas do Brasil has put MDF plant into operation

31.08.2018 − On June 11, Placas do Brasil in Brazil produced the first board on an MDF production line supplied by Dieffenbacher and designed for a capacity of around 300,000 m³/year at the Pinheiros/Espririto Santo site.» more

Finnish plywood production has changed little

31.08.2018 − Finnish plywood production continues at a relatively stable level. In five of the last six quarters the production volume was a good 300,000 m³; the fourth quarter of 2017 was even better at 330,000 m³. » more

Funder has put new short-cycle press into operation

30.08.2018 − In mid-August, the US laminating company Funder America Inc. commissioned a short-cycle press supplied by Siempelkamp to its headquarters in Mocksville/North Carolina. » more

Rushil Décor starts construction of second MDF plant

28.08.2018 − The Indian laminate and wood-based panel manufacturer Rushil Décor has started work on the construction of the second MDF plant at Atchutapuram/Andhra Pradesh. » more

Arauco: Positive sales trend has continued

27.08.2018 − Arauco's Wood Products business unit increased sales volumes of wood-based panels by 10.9% year-on-year to 1.342m m³ in the second quarter. » more

USA: Hardwood plywood imports have fallen by 11%

21.08.2018 − Lower supply volumes from China also led to an 11% decline in total US hardwood plywood imports to 701,300 m³ in the second quarter.» more