Wood-based panels

Turkey: Competition Authority imposed fine of 270m lire

16.04.2021 − The Turkish Competition Authority wrapped up an investigation into 13 wood-based panel manufacturers from Turkey and the Turkish wood-based panel association during the first quarter.» more


Dieffenbacher landed eight orders in the first quarter

15.04.2021 − Dieffenbacher had already won more than half as many orders as in all of 2020 by the end of March with a total of eight projects.» more

China: total capacities decreased slightly in 2020

12.04.2021 − Continuing consolidation within China’s wood-based panel industry culminated in the first minor reduction in total particleboard and MDF/HDF capacity in a while last year. » more

Martin Brettenthaler set to become EPF President

12.04.2021 − EPFelected Martin Brettenthaler, CEO of Swiss Krono Group, and Tobias Schindler,CSO of Steico, to its Managing Board at a general assembly held by video conference on 24 March.» more

Ziegler Group to build insulating board works in Bärnau

09.04.2021 − After the plans for building a 200,000-t pellet plant along with a prefabricated-house works and CLT works in Tirschenreuth, Ziegler Group is also planning to build an insulating-board factory in Bärnau.» more

Buying is primarily based on availability

06.04.2021 − The supply situation has continued to deteriorate on most of the raw material markets for the wood-based panel and surface industry during the first quarter. » more

Steico to open Gromadka site with three lines

29.03.2021 − Steico is planning to install three lines to make wood-fibre insulating materials at a new facility it is planning in Gromadka, Poland in the very first phase. » more

First decline for some time in CMCP plywood sales

29.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Empresas CMPC sold a volume of 102,000m³ plywood. » more

Great Plains MDF to start construction in autumn 2021

22.03.2021 − Great Plains MDF, a firm that was originally created as a project company, intends to commission an MDF mill designed to process wheat straw in the Canadian province of Alberta during 2023. » more

Linn Machinery also selling a worktop production line

19.03.2021 − Linn Machinery is now offering a complete worktop production line, which operated until December.» more

Büttner delivering dryer and energy plant to Uvadrev

16.03.2021 − Uvadrev Holding has ordered a 6.0 x 30 R chip dryer with a flash tube pre-dryer for a replacement project planned at its site in Uva from Büttner. » more

Kastamonu makes first piece of particleboard at site

15.03.2021 − Kastamonu Entegre Agac San. ve Tic. made the first piece of particleboard using a continuous production line installed at its Samsun mill on 27 February. » more

Homann Holzwerkstoffe fully places new bond

12.03.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe successfully placed its new 2021/2026 bond more quickly and with a higher volume than originally planned. » more

Second Siempelkamp line handed over to AGT

10.03.2021 − AGT Agac San. ve. Tic. took formal receipt of a second MDF/HDF line at its Antalya headquarters towards the end of February. » more

Schneider planning insulating board works for Hermagor

10.03.2021 − Holzwerk Gebr. Schneider possibly wants to build the planned wood-fibre insulating-board works in Hermagor, Carinthia. » more

Latvian plywood exports above previous quarter

09.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter Latvian plywood exports increased by 7.2% vis à vis the comparative period of 2019 to 90,100m³.» more

Manufacturers argue with higher raw material costs

08.03.2021 − Central European particleboard and MDF manufacturers are increasingly underscoring rising raw material and logistical costs in current talks to settle on terms for deliveries from March or April onwards.» more

Significant decrease in Spanish plywood imports

05.03.2021 − In the third quarter Spanish imports of softwood and hardwood plywood were almost back at the level recorded in the first quarter.» more

Uvadrev orders another line from Siempelkamp

04.03.2021 − Uvadrev-Holding has ordered another complete line from Siempelkamp after wrapping up an order for a continuous particleboard line in 2013 and 2014. » more

Homanit orders another THDF line from Dieffenbacher

01.03.2021 − Dieffenbacher is set to deliver a complete THDF line for a thin board mill that Homann is planning in Pagirai, Lithuania. » more

Egger invests in second PerfectSense production line

26.02.2021 − The Egger Group has been installing a second line to make PerfectSense board with matte or high-gloss surfaces at its particleboard and MDF/HDF mill.» more

Norbord Europe sales volumes grew by 3%

25.02.2021 − The Europe business division of Norbord increased its sales of wood-based panels last year by 3% to 1.879bn sqft, or 1.663m m³. » more

Homann Holzwerkstoffe issues €60m bond

22.02.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe intends to refinance its 2017/2022 bond early by issuing a new €60m bond. » more

Homann intends to invest €130m in Lithuania

19.02.2021 − Homann has moved ahead with preparations for a project to build a new MDF/HDF mill near Vilnius, Lithuania. » more

Siempelkamp hands over particleboard line to VMG

18.02.2021 − Vakaru Medienos Grupe (VMG) completed handover tests for a Siempelkamp particleboard line delivered to its Akmene site in January. » more

Greenpanel: MDF sales again increase significantly

18.02.2021 − In the third quarter of the 2020/2021 financial year (31 March), Greenpanel Industries sold a total volume of 123,723m³ MDF. » more

Turkish Starwood orders thin MDF line

15.02.2021 − Starwood Orman Ürünleri Sanayi inked an agreement with Siempelkamp for a thin MDF/HDF line planned at its second location in Inegöl in January. » more

Norbord operating as West Fraser after deal closes

12.02.2021 − West Fraser Timber put the finishing touches to a deal struck in mid-November to acquire all shares in Norbord on 1 February after receiving all necessary approvals. » more

Grajewo particleboard line idled for work on 2 February

11.02.2021 − Pfleiderer Polska started rebuilding work on its particleboard line that has been planned for several months on 2 February. » more

Almost half of British quota already filled

10.02.2021 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into Great Britain and Northern Ireland is still being depleted much more quickly than the quota for the EU-27. » more