Wood-based panels

Russian FAS authority investigates OSB prices

03.12.2021 − In mid-September, following complaints from the market, the Russian antimonopoly authority FAS launched an investigation into the development of OSB prices in Russia. » more


Raw particleboard imports decline again for first time

03.12.2021 − The upward trend in German particleboard foreign trade observed since the beginning of the year weakened in the third quarter. » more

Plans for a first break-bulk ship are moving forward

02.12.2021 − The shortage of containers and shipping space that has emerged for deliveries to South America, too, in recent months is increasingly affecting the availability of elliotis pine plywood in Europe. » more

Dexco commissions short-cycle press at Agudos plant

30.11.2021 − Dexco has meanwhile implemented the first stages of its investment programme resolved in mid-July. » more

Kronospan adding three more sites in Russia

29.11.2021 − Kronospan has doubled its number of sites in Russia to six by commissioning an MDF/HDF line, buying an particleboard mill, and moving forward with negotiations about acquiring assets in Igorevskaya.» more

Increases in plywood exports from Russia

26.11.2021 − Following a rather subdued start in the first quarter, Russian birch plywood exports increased at a somewhat more significant rate again in the second quarter. » more

Monolit-Stroy also to commence OSB production

25.11.2021 − Monolit-Stroy is currently constructing a continuous OSB plant next to the Tomsk MDF/HDF plant located in central Siberia and operating under the name Latat. » more

LP: turnover growth from OSB slows down

23.11.2021 − In the third quarter, US Louisiana-Pacificsold a total volume of 952m sqft (basis 3/8”) OSB in North America, corresponding to growth of 2% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. » more

Swedbank provides around €85m for new Homanit plant

22.11.2021 − Lithuanian Swedbank, a member of Swedish banking group Swedbank Group, will provide a loan of approximately €85m for the MDF/HDF project planned by Homanit Lietuva at its Pagirai site. » more

EU Commission confirms birch plywood duties

19.11.2021 − Imports of Russian birch plywood into the EU will be subject to definitive anti-dumping duties of 14.4-15.8% with immediate effect. » more

USA imports over 14,000 m³ OSB from Great Britain

18.11.2021 − The significant decline in North American OSB prices observed mainly in July and August 2021 did not affect OSB imports into the USA. » more

Steico: quarterly turnover exceeds €100m

16.11.2021 − In the third quarter, insulating board and LVL manufacturer Steico continued to improve its key results figures vis à vis both the comparative period of the preceding year and the second quarter.» more

Panneaux de Corrèze to be integrated into Unilin Panels

15.11.2021 − Unilin brokered a deal with the owners of Panneaux de Corrèze to buy the MDF mill in Ussel, in central France in the second half of October. » more

Arauco México to invest US$200m in new MDF plant

12.11.2021 − Celulosa Arauco y Constitución plans to double the MDF/HDF capacities of Arauco Industria de México by installing a production line at the Mexican site in Zitácuaro (Michoacán).» more

Kronospan plans second particleboard plant in Spain

11.11.2021 − Kronospan Group is planning to build a particleboard plant near the town of Tortosa (Tarragona province) halfway between Barcelona and Valencia.» more

Unilin wants to use 25% recycled fibre by 2030

08.11.2021 − Unilin’s Panels division installed a pilot plant to separate fibres from MDF, HDF and laminated board at an MDF/HDF mill in Bazeilles, France doing business as Unilin during the first half. » more

Swiss Krono Group to expand Hungarian OSB mill

05.11.2021 − Swiss Krono Group intends to carry out a significant increase in its OSB capacity in Vásárosnaményi, Hungary. » more

Monthly export volume again drops below 10,000 m³

03.11.2021 − Following the significant increase in the first half, Brazilian tropical plywood exports declined again in the third quarter. » more

Container freight rates skyrocketing in South America

01.11.2021 − Freight rates for shipping containers from South America are encountering mounting delays and capacity constraints after pricing for container routes from Asia to Europe had softened of late.» more

Chilean plywood exports continue downward slide

01.11.2021 − Chilean radiata pine plywood exports were 8.4% lower in the second quarter than they had been in the same period last year at 104,108 t.» more

Sharp decline in elliotis pine plywood exports

29.10.2021 − Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports experienced a steep downturn in August and September, both compared with the respective previous months and the same months last year. » more

Increase in costs creating headaches for pricing

28.10.2021 − The current trajectory in the cost of raw materials used to make adhesive and impregnating resin is creating growing challenges for businesses. » more

Ziegler to start insulating board output in August 2022

26.10.2021 − Ziegler Holding commenced work on an insulating board factory planned by Naturheld at the start of September. » more

Fourth ship from China due to arrive mid-November

22.10.2021 − The meanwhile fourth break-bulk ship loaded with Chinese plywood that was organised by Kühne+Nagel International AG though its branch in Bremen is currently on route for Europe. » more

Minor increase in North American OSB prices

22.10.2021 − After the sharp decline in July and August, North American OSB prices have picked up again slightly over the last six weeks OSB prices had reached their lowest point in the second half of August. » more

Andritz delivering two refiner systems to Ziegler

21.10.2021 − Ziegler Holding has ordered two pressurised refiner systems for an insulating board project that Naturheld is carrying out in Grafenwöhr from Andritz. » more

One Sky Forest Products plans OSB mill in Saskatchewan

19.10.2021 − One Sky Forest Products (One Sky) intends to build an OSB mill in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan over the next two years.» more

German OSB production stabilises at a high level

18.10.2021 − German mills manufactured a total of 323,577 m³ of OSB (commodity tariff number 1621 13 160) in the second quarter, 6.6% more than in the same stretch in 2020. » more

Unilin Panels prepares for entry into CPL production

15.10.2021 − In parallel to the planned expansion of laminate flooring capacities, Unilin is currently implementing further investments in business with decorative boards, conducted via the panels division. » more

Another sharp growth in German particleboard output

15.10.2021 − German particleboard manufacturers enjoyed double-digit growth across all product areas in the second quarter compared with the corresponding period in the preceding year. » more