Wood-based panels

Homann adhering to sales and results targets for 2017

18.10.2017 − After the rather sluggish development in results in the first half-year, due above all to increases in glue costs, German Homann is aiming to raise its EBITDA considerably in the second half of the year. » more


Egger group concludes purchase of Masisa works

16.10.2017 − On 29 September, Austrian Egger group concluded the takeover of the Concordia chipboard and MDF works (province of Entre Ríos, Argentina) of Maderas y Sinteticos S.A. (Masisa) agreed by contract in mid-July. » more

Dieffenbacher’s facility in Czech Republic extended

12.10.2017 − Dieffenbacher has significantly extended the production facility trading under the name of Dieffenbacher CZ hydraulické lisy in the Czech Republic over the last few months. » more

Homanit to acquire Lithuanian Grigeo Baltwood

09.10.2017 − German Homann Holzwerkstoffe signed a letter of intent to acquire Lithuanian Grigeo Baltwood in late September. » more

Egger receives building permit for the facility in Biskupiec

02.10.2017 − The Egger group received a building permit for a particleboard mill planned in Biskupiec, Poland in the first half of September after multiple delays.» more

Rauch Spanplatten line to move to the Middle East

02.10.2017 − An old line run by Rauch Spanplatten, that closed permanently in January 2016 when a new production line was commissioned, is to be shipped to the Middle East over the coming months.» more

Chinese SciSky enters into particleboard production

29.09.2017 − Chinese company Nanning Shuixin Ketien (SciSky), Lanzhou, Gansù province intends to start up production of particleboard over the coming year.» more

Metsä Wood examining LVL investment in Punkaharju

28.09.2017 − The "Metsä Wood” division of the Metsä Group is examining the option of setting up a new production line for the LVL marketed under the name of “Kerto” at the Punkaharju facility.» more

Weyerhaeuser: higher provisions made for I-joists

27.09.2017 − US forestry and timber group Weyerhaeuser significantly increased the level of provisions in the I-joists product division during the second quarter. » more

Canada to present specific draft by autumn 2018

25.09.2017 − The Canadian Government intends to publish a specific draft of the planned new rules governing formalde-hyde emissions from wood-based panels in the Canada Gazette by autumn 2018. » more

Swiss Krono commissions particleboard line in Menznau

22.09.2017 − On 13 September, Swiss Krono Group produced the first board on the new particleboard line constructed to replace the old line at the Menznau plant.» more

Dieffenbacher lands two new orders from China

22.09.2017 − Dieffenbacher sold two more wood-based panel lines to China during the third quarter.» more

Supply situation for PMDI adhesive remains strained

22.09.2017 − Even though MDI manufacturers are now experiencing more stable production, the supply situation for PMDI adhesive remains strained. » more

Fenglin fleshes out investment project in New Zealand

21.09.2017 − The Chinese wood-based panel manufacturer Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group wants to build a parti-cleboard mill in Kawerau on New Zealand’s North Island.» more

Brazilian WBP sales slightly higher than last year

20.09.2017 − Brazil’s wood-based panel industry has hoisted its domestic sales slightly compared with last year’s level with a double-digit growth in July.» more

Kastamonu intends to relocate Darbo line to Bulgaria

20.09.2017 − Over the course of coming months, Kastamonu Entegre is to relocate the production equipment of particleboard manufacturer Darbo to the location in Gorno Sahrane, Bulgaria.» more

Arauco planning a major expansion in Brazil

16.09.2017 − The Chilean wood-based panel manufacturer Masisa, Santiago de Chile, is to part ways with its Brazilian sub-sidiary Masisa do Brasil. » more

Lemeks Group planning debut in plywood production

15.09.2017 − Estonian Lemeks Group, mostly active in the log felling and wood processing at the moment, is planning to set up a veneer and plywood works in Viruvere in the next two years. » more

German foreign trade in OSB picks up slightly

14.09.2017 − German OSB exports staged a strong recovery in the second quarter; imports were only marginally higher than the same stretch last year, though. » more

Slower growth in German particleboard exports

13.09.2017 − Diverging trends in the German foreign trade in particleboard persisted in the second quarter. » more

Centuryply’s MDF production now underway in India

11.09.2017 − Indian Century Plyboards (Centuryply) produced the first panel at its new MDF works at the Hoshiarpur facility in Punjab on 29 July. » more

Methanex profiting from higher selling prices again

11.09.2017 − Canadian Methanex raised it sales revenue and key performance figures in the second quarter above those of the same period of last year. » more

More growth in Hexion’s Forest Products Resins sales

08.09.2017 − In the second quarter, US-American Hexion raised the sales revenue of its “Forest Products Resins” division above the levels for the same period of last year and the preceding quarter. » more

Pfleiderer reports growth in production and sales

07.09.2017 − Pfleiderer Group raised its production and sales across almost all product groups during the first half compared with the prior-year period. » more

Delignit’s key figures much better in first half-year

06.09.2017 − Provisional figures show that German Delignit boosted its sales revenue by 11% to €27.1m in the first half-year. » more

Germany imports less hardwood plywood in Q2

04.09.2017 − Preliminary information from the German Federal Statistical Office shows that Germany’s softwood and hardwood plywood imports headed lower in the second quarter of 2017.» more

Classen explores increasing its MDF/HDF capacity

29.08.2017 − Classen group wants to safeguard substrate supply to its laminate flooring mill in Baruth, Germany, which does business as Classen Industries. » more

Another growth in US H1 hardwood plywood imports

28.08.2017 − US hardwood plywood imports leapt to 788,315 m³ in the second quarter after soaring in the first quarter (+24%). » more

Norbord has so far invested $88m in Inverness

16.08.2017 − By the end of the second quarter, Norbord had spent a total of $88m of the budgeted $135m for the OSB replacement investment project planned for the Inverness-Morayhill facility. » more

Dieffenbacher sells another three wood-based panel plants

15.08.2017 − Dieffenbacher has sold three more wood-based panel plants with continuous presses since the Ligna trade fair. A CPS+ will be used for three of the new orders. » more