Interprint announces double-digit growth in revenues

04.04.2018 − 

Interprint enjoyed a double-digit increase in revenues in the 2017 financial year, the first time that it had done so in several years. On 16 March, its parent company Wrede Industrieholding reported a 12 per cent growth in Interprint's turnover to €353m. Sales of printed decor paper, finish foils and melamine foils were up 10% at about 1.1bn m². Wrede reported that last year's increase was primarily fuelled by the Xelio finish foils business at its site in Ozorków, Poland and the expansion of treating volumes at its sites in Samara, Russia and São José dos Pinhais (Paraná, Brazil).

In previous years, Interprint had typically booked increases in the middle single-digit percentage range. Revenues had jumped 8% to €288m in 2014. 2015 had been a little weaker with a 2% rise to €295m. The company had booked a 7% upturn to €314m in 2016. Following a collapse in 2009, Interprint had registered double-digit growth rates in the next three years. Revenues had leapt 30% in 2010, 18% in 2011 and 10% in 2012. 2013 had ended with a 3% improvement.

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