Güler has taken over Homapal export management

09.01.2020 − 




On November 1, Göksu Güler took over the management of the export business at Homapal, a laminate manufacturer belonging to the Formica Group and mainly focused on wood and metal laminates. He succeeded Ingvar Delén, who had been Homapal's export manager since September 2015 and left the company at his own request. In his new position, Güler is also a member of the Homapal management team and reports to the managing director Heiko Bender. His tasks include expansion into new geographical markets, whereby cooperation with the other laminate manufacturers belonging to Broadview Holding is also to be intensified.


Before joining Homapal, Güler worked for the door and gate manufacturer Hörmann as Export Area Manager, where he was responsible for foreign subsidiaries and customers in the Asia-Pacific region, Turkey and Turmenistan.


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