Glatfelter boosts revenue from sales of overlay paper

20.09.2018 − 

In its business year 2017, the "Composite Fibers” division of P.H. Glatfelter boosted its revenue from sales of overlay paper by roughly 10%. According to the Glatfelter business report presented in the second quarter, 38.7m US$ was generated with the overlay paper produced at the Gernsbach mill. This considerable strengthened the slight upward trend achieved in 2016 again for the first time after a prolonged period of reduction.

In each of the years 2010 (50.8m US$) and 2011 (53.3m US$), Glatfelter had generated sales revenue of more than 50m US$. The, in 2012 (-16.3 % to 44.6m US$) and 2013 (-11.9 % to 39.3m US$), double-figure reductions occurred, both of which were partly attributable to the conversion work carried out at the Gernsbach mill and the ensuing regroupings between the individual product segments. After minor losses in 2014 (-4.6 % to 38.2m US$), revenue from over-lay-paper sales fell more sharply again in 2015 (-8.5 % to 34.9m US$). The level reached by this remained unmatched until another slight increase of 0.6 % to 35.1m US$ was achieved again in 2016.

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