Döllken Profiles to invest 11m € in new central warehouse

24.01.2020 − 

Döllken Profiles, belonging to Surteco Group wants to extend the production areas at its Bönen facility by the end of 2020 and set up a new logistics centre. Initial preparatory work will begin in January, but the actual construction work is scheduled to start in spring. Döllken Profiles says this investment project, costing a total of approximately 11m €, is in response to the strong growth over the last few years, the constant enlargement of the product range, and the ensuing greater complexity. The entire scheduling department and distribution logistics will be pooled in the roughly 10,000 m² logistics centre. Hartwig Schwab, chairman of the executive board at Döllken Profiles, says this will lead to a reduction in internal transportation, faster delivery times, and an improvement in service and flexibility. Roughly 40 office jobs and new communal areas for some 180 employees are to be created as well. Döllken Profiles says up to twelve new extrusion lines can be set up on the additional production areas of around 4,000 m². The enlargement in capacity relates mainly to the product groups of skirting boards, technical profiles, and LED strips.

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