Colorgate and Ipac cooperation on colour measurement

02.10.2017 − 

Colorgate Digital Output Solutions and Improve Process Analytics and Control, in which GreConhas held a majority stake since September 2016, are collaborating to develop inline colour measurement solutions for digital printing. Manufacturers and users of industrial digital printing systems are included in the agreed cooperation as project partners. In this connection, especially addressed are companies which realise or operate systems for colour-critical production and which attach great importance to colour consistency. The planned inline colour measurement system is to ensure continuous colour accuracy and colour-consistent print results on single-pass digital printing systems via Closed-Loop Colour Correction.

Colorgate specialises in digital printing software solutions and colour management. The company focuses on systems for colour-correct print data preparation for industrial digital printing applications such as the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles, surface decoration of wood-based materials and floor coverings, as well as in the packaging sector.

Ipac has developed an offline colour measurement system called Advanced Color Measurement System (ACMS), which has predominantly been used in decor printing and the wood-based materials industry so far. The offline color measurement system compares samples from current production with reference patterns, which enables colour matching in production as well as certification of the final colour impression and contrast for the customer. In the next stage of the development of an inline colour measurement solution – iCMS – Ipac and Colorgate are now going to collaborate.

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