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GO Lab starts assembling insulating materials plant

03.05.2021 − 

A project to install an insulating material plant by the US start-up GO Lab at a site in Madison, Maine is running around two years behind the original schedule. Three lines to make blow-in insulation, flexible insulating mats and pressure-resistant insulating panels are to be put into service in several phases by the end of 2022. According to plans unveiled in mid-2019, the company originally intended to make blow-in insulation starting in autumn 2020. The commissioning of two more lines was then planned by the end of 2020, expanding production to include between-rafter insulation and pressure-resistant panels.

This technology is to be installed at the site of a paper mill that Madison Paper Industries closed at the end of May 2016. GO Lab had purchased this industrial site in August 2019 and has since been carrying out preparatory work. The paper machine and hydropower plant in Madison had been sold and dismantled prior to the purchase by GO Lab. In the next phase, the firm disassembled existing machinery, pipelines and electrical systems and stored some of them for later use. GO Lab had then torn down the boiler house, turbine room and several oil tanks starting in mid-2020 to create space for storing and processing wood chips used in insulating material production.

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