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Chilean plywood exports increase slightly in 2020

23.04.2021 − 

In the 2020 financial year, Chile exported a total volume of 451,920t plywood. According to export statistics published by Instituto Forestal (Infor) a decrease vis à vis the comparative period was recorded concerning export deliveries between January and March (-17.9% to 98,317t); this had also been the case in each of the three preceding quarters. Subsequently, exports had increased until the end of the year. Starting from a comparatively low initial value, the highest growth rate was achieved in the second quarter (+15.0%). The 113,638t exported during this quarter could also be exceeded in the third (+2.8% to 123,419t) and fourth (+7.7% to 116,546t) quarters. With the positive development in the fourth quarter, the export volume for the entire year rose by 1.1%. Per end of September the volume had still been 1.0% short of the preceding year‘s figure.

Although average export prices for the entire year declined by 0.8% to US$785/t FOB, the value of exports was also slightly above the level of the preceding year. At US$354.6m, the value rose by 0.4% vis à vis 2019. This development is largely due to significantly higher December prices which, at US$921.8/t FOB, considerably exceeded the average for the year. According to Infor, the export value per end of November had still been 2.0% below the comparative figure.

US customers purchased a total volume of 234,451t Chilean radiata pine plywood at a value of US$193.3m last year. As a proportion of total Chilean exports, this represents 51.9% in terms of volume and 54.9% in terms of value, meaning the importance of US customers for Chilean plywood manufacturers active in export business has increased further. Decreases were recorded in exports to Mexico, in terms of both volume (-8.2% to 44,300t) and export value (-12.4% to US$29.0m). The Netherlands further reinforced its position as the most important European sales market. The volume exported to the Netherlands rose by 8.6% to 32,000t; the value of these deliveries increased at a comparable rate of 6.0% to US$24.0m.

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