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EU shipped 21% less particleboard to the USA

23.05.2020 − 

Europe exported less particleboard to the US in the first three months of 2020 after strong growth in 2019. Foreign trade statistics from the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), indicate that total imports from the EU-27 and the UK reached 66,861 m³, a 21% drop in a year-on-year comparison. However, the FAS reported a 3% growth in the value of these exports to US$8.4m. These diverging trends are possibly due to shifts in the product mix. Imports from Italy, which is still the largest European supplier, tumbled 31% to 49,400 m³. Italy had shipped 251,225 m³ of particleboard to the US in 2019 as a whole. The UK (25,952 m³) and Spain (23,353 m³) were the next largest suppliers last year, with Germany following in fourth place with deliveries of 13,709 m³. All four countries shipped more to the US during the course of the year. The US imported 2,481 m³ from Spain in the first quarter, roughly the same amount as one year earlier. Particleboard imports from Germany dived 15% to 2,319 m³; deliveries from the UK plunged 43% to 1,808 m³. Poland rose up the ranks to become the second-largest European supplier with 4,908 m³; Belgium was between Spain and Germany with 2,391 m³. The US imported 1,371 m³ from Austria.

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