Schmidt Groupe has increased production sales by 4%

16.04.2019 − 

The French Schmidt Groupe, which also includes Schmidt Küchen GmbH & Co. KG, generated production sales of € 563m in the 2018 financial year. According to the company, this represents an increase of 4 % over the previous year. The growth rate has thus continued to weaken. After a double-digit increase in sales of 14% in 2016, the growth rate had already halved to 6.8% in 2017.

Retail sales, including the electrical appliances supplied by the Group, increased by 2 % to € 1.629bn in the current reporting period. In addition to the core business area of kitchens, the residential worlds and bathrooms segments also made a significant contribution to this growth last year. The annual growth rates achieved here average 20-25 %. The Schmidt Groupe entered the residential furniture sector in 2004. In France, there are already partner companies that specialise exclusively in the home furnishing segment.

The Schmidt Groupe currently sells its products through 728 exclusive dealers worldwide and 44 German partner houses. In total, the company is represented in 30 countries. Apart from the two marks Schmidt kitchens and Wohnwelten is the enterprise in France and Belgium additionally still active with the mark Cuisinella. Apart from the plant in Türkismühle and the factory at the headquarters in Lièpvre, there are also three production sites in Sélestat. The total production area, which is based on the batch size 1 principle, amounts to around 223,000 m². Around 700 kitchens are produced every day. The number of employees increased last year by 118 to 1,766. The number of employees in Germany remained constant at 172.

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