Germany: Building permits turned positive in July

24.09.2018 − 

In July, the construction of 30,181 apartments in new residential buildings was approved in Germany; this corresponds to an increase of 17.3% compared to the same month last year. By contrast, the Federal Statistical Office calculated 8.8% fewer building permits for June than in the same month last year. Approvals for apartments in multi-family houses increased by 23.3% to 17,487 units in July. The number of single-family houses approved also rose (+7.3% to 8,811 units), while fewer apartments were approved in two-family houses (-2.3% to 2,068 units). Within construction measures on existing buildings, 4,054 dwellings (+14.8%) were approved. In new and existing residential and non-residential buildings, 34,791 permits were issued, 16.1% more than in the previous year.

Cumulated over the first seven months, the construction of a total of 203,282 apartments (+1.9%) was approved. Of this total, 177,088 permits (+2.6%) were issued for apartments in new residential buildings.

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