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Almost 3m m³ more logs taken in by Finnish industry

31.01.2018 − 

The Finnish timber industry took in a total of 47.5m m³ of logs in 2017, roughly 2.9m m³ or 6.5% more than a year earlier. This surpasses the volumes of 2015 and 2014 by 7.4m m³ and 5.5m m³ respectively. Member companies of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) accounted for 35.2m m³ last year after 32.9m m³ in 2016. The proportion of the total volume accounted for by FFIF members thus remained unchanged at 74.1%.

Owing to generally very brisk demand, average log prices rose in Finland as well. The FFIF’s surveys show that the average price for on-stump sawlogs were 4.7% higher than the year before at 57.64 €/m³. Equivalent assortments of pine and birch sawlogs went up in price n by 3.2% to 54.97 €/m³ and 42.75 €/m³ respectively.

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