Derix setting up second CLT works in Westerkappeln

02.08.2018 − 

The gluelam-timber producer and commercial-construction business Derix group is adding a production hall for cross-laminated timber (CLT) to its subsidiary Poppensieker & Derix. The first cut of the spade for the new production hall took place in mid-July. Gluelam is currently manufactured and assembled in Westerkappeln.

The Derix group started production of cross-laminated timber, marketed under the name of X-Lam, in Niederkrüchten in 2011. The machines there have an annual capacity of 16,000 m³. Shortly after being put into service, it was announced that capacity was going to be enlarged by 2015, but this has not occurred yet. Maximum panel dimensions of 400x3,500x18,000 mm can be glued and assembled in Niederkrüchten. Part of the cross-laminated timber produced in Niederkrüchten is processed into timber-construction modules, production of which began in 2015.

Derix is using its own CLT for the new 300x50 m hall built in a fire area. Production in the new hall is scheduled to begin in mid-2019. The number of employees in Westerkappeln will then increase by 50. Personnel recruitment had already begun before the start of construction, however.

According to the release published by the Derix group on the occasion of the first cut of the spade, the second gluelam-timber and CLT plant will raise total capacity to 100,000 m³. The output of gluelam timber has so far been around 60,000 m³ per year. Roughly one third of this is produced in Niederkrüchten and two thirds in Westerkappeln.

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