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UPM set to invest €50m in its Chudovo location

06.11.2017 − 

UPM-Kymmene intends to spend about €50m on expanding its Russian birch plywood mill in Chudovo. According to a statement issued on 24 October, the site is to see its manufacturing capacity swell from about 110,000 m³ of plywood per year now to 155,000 m³. In addition, UPM wants to install a new biomass power plant with a capacity of 19 MW that will run on production residues from plywood manufacturing.

A majority of the new machinery will be installed in halls that will take up about 37,000 m² of space. The biomass power plant and an additional 4,500 m² hall will be built. The biggest single supplier of new plywood and veneer technology will be Raute. The €21m order placed with Raute includes technology to peel and dry veneers, splicing plants and veneer laying stations, presses and coating lines and scanner and humidity measuring systems. The machinery is to be delivered starting in autumn 2018 and gradually start operating during 2019.

The entire two-year investment project is slated to be completed towards the end of 2019. Manufacturing is to continue without restrictions during this period. UPM intends to hire about 100 new employees in connection with the expansion plans, both for manufacturing and for purchasing raw materials and logistics.

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