Swedish pellet production increases to 1.74m t

19.05.2017 − 

According to the Swedish news agency Bioenergi roughly 1.74m t of pellets were produced in Sweden in 2016, representing a year-on-year increase of roughly 76,000 t, or 4.6%. Bioenergi reports that pellet production in Sweden has therefore risen for the fifth year in succession. Although pellet consumption in Sweden remained virtually unchanged, with growth of only 0.4% to roughly 1.78m t, there was at least a discontinuation of the tendentially declining trend of preceding years. While Sweden’s pellet imports were down by 24%, or roughly 87,000 t, to 362,500 t, exports were up by 7%, or 17,000 t, to roughly 243,000 t. The production survey conducted by Bioenergi is based on data from a total of 63 pellet plants which are operational in Sweden at the present time

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