Moelven restructuring its planed product business

24.01.2017 − 

During the course of this year, Norwegian Moelven group will be discontinuing planed-product production at Moelven Värmlands Trä in Sweden, assigning the planing works of Moelven Tom Heurlin to Notnäs Moelven Wood within the subdivision of Moelven Wood Sverige, and gearing the Swedish facilities’ planed-product production to the Scandinavian markets more heavily than before. The export share will decrease accordingly.

Once the planing works has been shut down at the end of February as planned, the Säffle facility of Moelven Värmlands Trä is to be used exclusively for surface treatment of interior wall cladding produced in the neighbouring Torsby works of Notnäs Moelven Wood. According to information from Mikael Axelsson, CEO of the Moelven Wood division, this will involve doubling the procssing capacity for surface treatment at Moelven Värmlands Trä to around 50,000 m³ by the end of 2017 or early 2018.

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