Kitchen furniture exports rise by just over 10%

11.01.2017 − 

German kitchen furniture exports increased by 10.3% in the first nine months of 2016 to €1.411bn. According to preliminary information of the Association of the German Kitchen Furniture Industry (VdDK) on the basis of data from the Federal Statistical Office, growth is therefore at approximately the same level as the first six months (+10.9%). Double-digit increases were recorded again in the case of the two most significant importing countries of France (+10.0% to €330.9m) and the Netherlands (+14.4% to €188.3m). Important increases were also recorded for exports to Austria (+17.2% to €137.3m) and Great Britain (+15.5% to €111.7m). Deliveries to Switzerland, the third most important importing country, only increased slightly - a rise of 1.3% to €149.0m was recorded.

In the first six months a comparatively low rate of increase had also been recorded for Switzerland at +3.7%. As in the first half of the year, exports to Belgium declined. The rate of decline, however, was less significant at -2.8% to €130.3m. A decrease of as much as 4.1% had been recorded for the first two quarters.

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