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Siljan orders ten drying kilns from Valutec

07.04.2017 − 

Swedish Siljan Wood Products recently placed an order with similarly Swedish Valutec Group for ten forklift-loaded drying kilns with a total annual capacity of around 120,000 m³ and 29 “Valmatics” control systems. The systems are earmarked for the two Älvdalen and Mora sawmills as part of replacement and expansion investment projects.

The investment in the drying capacity will enable the total capacity of the Älvdalen sawmill to be raised from the present 205,000 m³ to 245,000 m³ per year. The production capacity of the Mora works will remain at around 230,000 m³ per year even after the new kilns have been installed. According to information from Valutec, work on assembling the facilities will begin during the course of the next few weeks. The installation work and commissioning are scheduled for completion by the middle of August. No information has been disclosed about the value of the order.

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