Forte: DACH region's turnover share increases slightly

21.04.2017 − 

As already reported, Polish Fabryki Mebli Forte achieved turnover in 2016 of PLN1.090bn, of which roughly PLN601.7m, or 55.2%, were accounted for by the DACH region. After the share in turnover in 2015 had fallen year on year by roughly 5%, from 61% to 54.3%, it rose again slightly in 2016. In the region Western and Northern Europe, Forte generated turnover of roughly PLN206.0m in 2016, representing a share in total turnover of 18.9%. On the Polish domestic market, turnover was only PLN166.8m, representing a share of 15.3%. The region Central, Southern and Eastern Europe generated turnover of PLN115.5m, thereby achieving a share of 10.6%.

According to the business plan for the years 2016 to 2021 presented on 19 October 2015, Forte's turnover by the year 2021 was to be doubled to roughly €400m. A company presentation on 23 March indicated that in order to reach that revenue target, Forte intends to consolidate its position as market leader in Europe, expand turnover in non-European countries and in online trading, and develop new sales channels in the field of fast-moving consumer goods.

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