Japanese gluelam timber output down 4.5%

24.05.2016 − 

Japan made 4.5% less gluelam timber in 2015 than in 2014 with a total of 1.485m m³. Last year was the second year in a row that manufacturing had declined. According to data from the Japan Laminated Wood Products Association published in the Japan Lumber Journal, production of gluelam timber for structural applications in the construction sector fell 4.4% to 1.347m m³, but its proportion of total Japanese gluelam timber output held steady at the previous year's level at 90.7 %.

While Japan's domestic manufacturing of glued timber construction products declined last year, Japanese import statistics show that gluelam timber imports from Europe increased 2.3% to 656,120 m³, up from 641,108 in 2014.

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