Counterfeit pallets in Belgium and the Netherlands

06.07.2016 − 

The European Pallet Association (EPAL) claims to have recorded a recent rise in the incidence of counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets in the Netherlands and Belgium. In action undertaken at the end of May in cooperation with the independent inspection company Bureau Veritas in Belgium, several truckloads of counterfeit Euro pallets were discovered and seized.

In connection with the counterfeit pallets, the lawyer Bernd Dörre, who has for many years been engaged with legal questions associated with the use of EPAL Euro pallets, drew attention to the fact that new or nearly-new EPAL Euro pallets offered at prices significantly below customary market prices are almost always counterfeits. The same applies to new or nearly-new pallets which are delivered when used EPAL Euro pal-lets are ordered. In October 2015, and most re-cently in April 2016, in connection with the sei-zure of counterfeit pallets in the Ukraine, EPAL had already issued information on the consequences associated with the import, storage and sale of counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets. In 2015, a total of 73.6m pallets were produced worldwide under EPAL licence.

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