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British imports of softwood lumber increase by 8%

03.09.2015 − 

British imports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber increased by 8% in the second quarter vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 1.418m m³. Of this figure, according to Eurostat, 1.242m m³ of lumber - representing an increase of 4% - was acquired from EU countries. Due to the below-average increase, however, calculated as a proportion of imports as a whole, a decline by three percentage points was recorded to 88%. Imports from Sweden and Latvia increased by 6% to 612,681m³ and 5% to 209,741m³ respectively. At 220,457m³, imports from Finland were 18% higher than the figure of the previous year. Imports from non-EU countries increased more significantly by 48% to 177,055m³, and by 3% to a proportion of 12%. Of this total figure, supplies from Russia accounted for a volume of 107,683m³. This corresponds to an increase of 23%.

In the first quarter imports had increased by 7%. For the entire first half of the year, therefore, there was an increase of 7% to 2.73m m³.

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