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US softwood lumber from Europe up in fourth quarter

19.02.2015 − 

US softwood lumber imports from Europe rose again sharply during the course of the fourth quarter 2014. After the foreign trade figures produced by the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service had shown a reduction of roughly 14% in imports from Europe for the first nine months of, the figures for the period of October to the end of December show a sharp jump of 35% in imports of softwood lumber from Europe to 72,135 m³. Having risen by 53% to $26.28m, the growth in the value of the imports was far more conspicuous than the development in volumes. From a European standpoint, the driving force behind this in the fourth quarter was Sweden again, from where the USA imported a total of 35.583 m³, representing disproportionate growth of 44% against the same quarter of the previous year. Although the volume of imports from Germany only rose by 8% to 21,169 m³, the value of the German deliveries increased 61% to around $8.7m. The highest rate of growth in percentage terms was recorded by Austria, whose exports to the USA were more than quadrupled from a low level to 3,324 m³. Growth in the imports from Romania was also unusually high at 109% to 4,688 m³. In comparison to the US imports from Canada, which were raised by 13% in the fourth quarter to 7.24m m³, however, the European imports are still insignificant.

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