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German softwood-lumber exports down by 4%

05.09.2013 − 

German softwood-lumber exports in the second quarter declined on almost all European sales markets by 4% to a total of 1.303m m³. German sawmills were confronted in Europe and in various Arabian countries with a weaker business trend than is seasonally customary. Favourable sales possibilities, especially in Asia, could not compensate for the weak demand in Europe. According to the latest figures published by the Federal German Statistics Agency, deliveries within Europe were down year on year by 11% to 914,143m³. Exports to Austria decreased by 19% to 205,439m³ and those to France showed decline of 10% to 173,284 m³. Deliveries to the Netherlands, at 143,388m³, were down only slightly year on year. In contrast, exports to countries outside Europe were increased by 22% to 388,792m³. Higher exports to China (+798%), India (+159%) and Japan (+147%) were contrasted by lower deliveries to Saudi Arabia (-18%) and the United Arab Emirates (-26%).

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