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Higher prices for Russian plywood hardly passed on

01.07.2013 − 

A number of Russian and Eastern European birch plywood manufacturers have raised their repurchasing prices for raw and filmed birch plywood again in May and June. After announcing hikes of 2-3 % in March that took effect in April, one major producer first tacked on another 2-3 % in May and up to 5 % in June, depending on the grade, in both cases with immediate effect. A number of small producers followed suit with their own mark-ups in May. Importers believe that this pattern will be repeated for June’s hike too. Importers said that higher repurchasing prices have hardly been passed on to buyers in Europe to date. In this context, the main problems are believed to be sustained rather weak demand, inventories still left over from spring deliveries in various cases that were slower to sell than expected and sales prices that are now being calculated based on old buying-in prices. A relatively intense price war is being reported in Germany, in particular, as a result.

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