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US hardwood lumber exports up by 9% at the end of March

25.05.2012 − 

Hardwood lumber exports from the USA rose in the first quarter 2012 by 9% against the same period of last year to a total of 744,602 m³. Statistics from the Foreign Agriculture Service show that US hardwood lumber suppliers profited in particular from marked growth in deliveries to Southeast Asia (+61%) and Canada (+10%). Exports to the East Asian region, on the other hand, only increased slightly by 2% whereas hardwood exports to the EU, like last year, failed to reach the previous year’s level. At 95,005 m³, roughly 9% less hardwood lumber was delivered to EU countries in the period from January to March 2012 than had been the case at the beginning of 2011. Here, southern European countries in particular took delivery of less hardwood lumber than in the same period of last year.

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