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German softwood plywood imports recover in third quarter

05.12.2012 − 

Following on the sharp fall in the second quarter (-34%), German softwood plywood imports recovered again in the third quarter and rose by 33% to 110,829m³, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. This rise is practically solely due to higher deliveries from Brazil, which doubled to 60,735 m³ compared with the same stretch of last year. This comes after a fall by 38% in imports from Brazil between April and June. Deliveries from Finland also rose noticeably by 20% to 19,070m³, as did softwood plywood deliveries from Russia, which jumped 49% to 5,090m³, albeit from a low base level. On the other hand softwood plywood imports from France (-5%), China (-86%), Belgium (-18%), Chile (-55%) and the Czech Republic (-46%) all showed decline.

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