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US softwood lumber imports still heading downhill in Q2

25.09.2011 − 

According to the export statistics produced by the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service US imports of softwood lumber in the second quarter of 2011 turned out to be 15% lower than in the same quarter of last year at a total of 5.295m m³ (April-June 2010: 6.227m m³). The rate of decline was also considerably greater than in the first quarter of this year (-9%). The decisive factor for this repeated reduction in volumes was the roughly 16% decline in softwood lumber imports from Canada at 5.031m m³ (5.966m m³). Imports from South America, on the other hand, rose by 13% to 133,645 m³ (117,749 m³) and the shipments from Europe even increased by roughly a third to 141,754 m³ (107,926 m³). Most conspicuous amongst the European supplier countries is Sweden whose deliveries of softwood lumber to the USA were stepped up by 81% during the course of the second quarter to 32,829 m³ (18,112 m³). This brought Swedish imports close to the volume of deliveries from Germany, which were 19% higher than in the same period of last year at 38,728 m³ (32,442 m³).

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