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Western SPF 2x4 back above US$900 mark in USA

01.02.2021 − 

The increase that occurred in sawn-softwood prices on the US market from the beginning of December gathered pace until the end of the year and has also continued in the early days of 2021. Even though US as well as Canadian sawmills utilised their production capacity to a higher degree during the course of the second half-year and the imports, too, were stepped up, local demand has not been able to be adequately catered to yet. In view of robust new-building figures and housing subsidies announced by the new US government, market players are reckoning with a receptive US sawn-softwood market in the foreseeable future.

The results of surveys performed by Madison’s Lumber show that the price for the benchmark assortment of Western SPF KD R/L 2x4 #2&Btr on 8 January was US$944/1,000 bdft FOB mill. This equates to a further increase of US$70 or 8 % against the previous week. Compared to the beginning of December, the price was up by US$324/1,000 bdft or 52 %, and up by US$542 or 135 % against a year earlier. As such, the figure also exceeded the US$900 mark again for the first time since early October 2020. The sharpest increase in price recorded by Madison’s Lumber for the start of the year was for the assortment Southern Yellow Pine East Side KD #2&Btr. At US$1,145/1,000 bdft, the price for this assortment was US$465 or 68 % higher than in the previous survey.

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