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Walnut and white oak cause rise in US lumber exports

28.05.2018 − 

US exports of hardwood lumber continued to increase in both volume and value vis à vis the preceding year during the first quarter of 2018 according to calculations of the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS). Export increases of white oak and walnut to Asia contributed significantly to the total volume which again increased slightly to 1.073m m³ as well as to the total value which, at 4%, increased quite considerably to US$652.9m.

For the East Asia sales region a 2% increase in volume to 609,795m³ is recorded. At US$398.0m, the value of exported hardwood lumber was 6% above the previous year’s figure. In the East Asia region white oak increased at an above-average rate of 18% to 74,615m³ and 21% to US$52.3m.

The situation concerning walnut is even more distinct and also reflects the price increases of US suppliers which have been persisting for some time. The volume and, on account of the price increases, value of exports to the East Asia region increased by 12% to 26,167m³ and by 27% to US$39.4m respectively.

Above-average increases are also ascertained concerning western red alder at 13% in terms of volume as well as value to 42,911m³ and US$17.3m. For cherry, at 42,541m³, a 4% decrease in deliveries to East Asia is recorded, however. The value nevertheless increased by 3% to US$36.1m.

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