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USA softwood lumber imports rose by 43%

23.05.2016 − 

On account of a considerable rise in imports from Canada, USA imports of softwood lumber increased by 43% over the course of the first three months by comparison with the preceding year to 10.51m m³. Imports from Canada, at a total volume of 10.04m m³, also increased by 43%. The value of imports from Canada, however, only increased by 11%.

Imports from Europe also increased, at +16% to 126,285m³. Whilst imports from Austria (-22%) and Latvia (-19%) remained below the preceding year's figures, statistics of the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) show increases in imports from various other European countries, some of which are significant. Imports from Germany, for example, increased by 53% to 30,621m³, and from Romania a 25% increase to 12,345m³ was recorded. Imports from Sweden, at 65,488m³, were only 6% above the preceding year, but Sweden continues to be the largest European softwood lumber sup-plier for the USA in terms of volume.

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