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USA: price increases continue unabated

20.08.2020 − 

At an average of US$ 746/1,000 bdft ex mill, the price for the leading Western SPF KD R/L 2x4 #2&Btr. on the US market at the end of last week reached its highest level since price surveys began. According to Madison's Lumber, the price increased by another US$80/1,000 bdft compared to the previous week. The highest price level to date dates back to 2018 and stood at US$ 655/1,000 bdft. Due to the order backlog at the plants and delivery times of currently several weeks, no fundamental change in prices is expected until September. Current efforts by both the US and Canadian sawmill industries to increase production through extra shifts and weekend work will probably not contribute to an easing of the market for several weeks.

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