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US sawmill industry’s share increased to 61 %

26.03.2021 − 

The North American sawmilling industry produced a total of 35.967m m³ of sawn softwood in the fourth quarter, exceeding the previous year’s figure by 7 %. The figure was also down slightly by 1 % against the previous quarter. The output in Canada and the USA rose to a comparable extent. According to the provisional figures from the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) the US output of sawn softwood was 7 % up at 21.875m m³ and Canada’s was raised by 6 % to 14.092m m³. The US share of the total output was thus 60.8 % in the fourth quarter. Besides an adequate supply of roundwood and mostly readily available freight space in Canada, the new and expansion investment measures in the south of the USA in the last twelve months also contributed to the growth in output.

The APA figures for the “US South” also reveal by far the highest growth of all the US regions in terms of percentage and volume at +11 % to 12.376m m³. As such, the share of the total US output accounted for by US South rose by another two percentage points to almost 57 % in the period under review. The works in the “US Coast” region boosted their output by only 3 % to 5.282m m³, and “US Inland” was only 2 % up at 2.867m m³. As regards the Canadian regions, the works in “British Columbia” increased their output by an above-average rate of 11 % to 5.532m m³. The growth recorded for the “East of Rockies” region was 3 % to 8.560m m³.

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