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UPM-Kymmene starts building biorefinery in Leuna

03.09.2020 − 

Construction of the biorefinery that the wood-industry company UPM-Kymmene is planning for Leuna in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, will begin before the end of the third quarter. This was announced by a group spokesperson on 25 August without specifying the date more closely. The group did not want to disclose further details about the schedule either.

In the ongoing talks with wood suppliers since 2019, the start of trial operation was given as early 2022. Accordingly. wood deliveries are due to start at the end of 2021. In the first year of regular operation in 2023, the wood requirement will probably be in the region of 250,000 m³. Only industrial beech is to be used in the start-up phase. The annual wood requirement is expected to increase successively to 400,000-500,000 m³ in the years thereafter. The spectrum of wood used is then likely to be widened to include ash, birch, and sycamore.

In the roundwood negotiations held to date, representatives of UPM-Kymmene have pointed out that the industrial wood must be debarked. Correspondingly, the demands on the straightness and delimbing quality of the incoming logs, which are likely to be in fixed lengths of 3m, 4m, and 6m, will be comparatively high as well.

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